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Active Shooter Guide

Emergency Number

Early reporting of a crime or emergency is essential to keeping our campus safe.

To report an emergency, please dial 911 or call Public Safety at 617-879-2151

For Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors

If You Hear Gunfire or Observe Other Violence

Take cover and stay calm. (Cover is an object that will stop a bullet or anything else that obscures you from view.) Your best chance to avoid injury is to remove yourself from sight.

a. If confronted while seated in an office, classroom or lab, immediately fall to the floor and stay low.
b. If walking down a hallway, look for an open room to hide in. Barricade doorways, lock the door if possible, turn off the lights, get down on the floor or into a closet and hide. Remain quiet! Turn off cell phone sound and vibrate mode.
c. If the room has shades or curtains, close them.
d. If fleeing, notify anyone you encounter to exit the building immediately.
e. If outside, run, get behind a tree or wall; lie down and wait for rescue.
f. If in a parking lot, hide behind the front tire/engine of any vehicle.
g. Consider overpowering the shooter ONLY as a last resort.

If an Active Shooter is at Your Building

1. Go to a room, lock and barricade doorways; turn off the lights, get down on the floor or hide in a closet if possible. Remain quiet.
2. Turn off sounds and vibrators of cell phones.
3. Get everyone down to the floor and attempt to make sure no one can be seen outside of the room.
4. One person should call 911 - and also 617-879-2151 the Wheelock Public Safety Emergency Line. If possible, advise the Dispatcher:

a. Your Name
b. Location of the incident
c. Your current location
d. Number and description of shooters (if known)
e. Number of persons that may be involved
f. Injuries to any one (if known)
g. Type of weapon- Handgun / Rifle / Knife, etc. (if known)

5. Do not answer the door without knowing positive ID.
6. Keep yourself and others quiet.
7. Wait for Wheelock Officers or other Police Officers to assist you out of and away from the building.

No Matter What

a. If you decide to flee, make sure you have an escape route and plan in mind.
b. Do not attempt to carry anything while fleeing.
c. Do not delay to convince others to go.
d. Do not stop to lend medical assistance.
e. Advise others to flee also.
f. When exiting the building if you run across police officers, keep your hands high, open and in plain view and follow the police officers' instructions.
g. If you are hiding in a room, stay flat on the floor with your hands on your head and do not move until you are given instructions.
h. Do not attempt to remove wounded or injured people.
i. Notify authorities of the shooter's location (if known).
j. Do not try to drive away.
k. Do not attempt to talk the shooter down.

What to Expect from the First Responders

a. Police will respond immediately to the area in which shots are being fired or the last reported area where shots came from. Their purpose is to stop the shooting as quickly as possible.
b. First responders will be armed. Campus Security Officers will be in duty uniforms. Other Police Officers will be in duty uniforms and plain clothes and also will be displaying department badges in plain sight.
c. If you know where the shooter/shooters are, tell the Officers ASAP.
d. The first police officers on scene will not stop to aid the injured. Rescue teams will come in after the area has been secured.
e. You may be treated as suspects until you have been checked out and cleared by responding police officers, so please remain calm.

When The Event is Concluded

1. The area is considered a crime scene and everyone will be detained (unless in immediate need of medical assistance) until all witnesses have been identified, questioned, and cleared to leave.
2. All students, faculty, and staff who are involved in an Active Shooter Incident, shall be referred to the Human Resource Employee Assistance Program and/or Student Health Services at Wheelock College for assistance and follow-up.

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