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Welcome to the Wheelock College Graphic Standards Guide. Among other things, Wheelock Marketing provides design and production support for the College. If you want to promote an idea or event to external audiences, please email with the details and we will work with you to produce and distribute fliers, brochures, emails, newsletters, banners, direct mail, print/digital advertisements, or whatever materials are appropriate. 

Wheelock Marketing is responsible for promoting the Wheelock College brand. Wheelock's brand identity is composed of building blocks: the logos, the seal, selected typefaces, the color palette, and photography. When used together, these elements create a unified and unique look for all Wheelock materials and convey the character, energy, legacy, and professionalism of the College.

Sometimes you are producing materials for your internal team and you want them to support the Wheelock brand. This web page provides guidelines and examples for how to use all of these elements. It also houses templates that you can download to your computer to make it easy to create fliers and PowerPoint presentations that inherently reflect our graphic standards and support Wheelock's brand.

Each section of this guide includes usage instructions, as well as downloadable versions of the various design elements which are available for general use.

Tough Enough Brand

All members of the Wheelock community play an important role in communicating the College's new "Tough Enough" brand to external audiences. We all know that Wheelock's mission is "To improve the lives of children and families," which is often used in conjunction with our tagline, "inspire a world of good." With the simple expansion of "tough enough to inspire a world of good," we are telling the world that it takes a special kind of person to do that admirable yet often challenging work that Wheelock faculty, alumni, and students engage in. Students who come to Wheelock are passionate about making a difference.

Guidelines for Tough Enough in Text
Being tough enough is not about being impervious or invulnerable; it's about being willing to undergo hardship for the sake of another. Being tough enough requires patience and endurance. It's about stepping outside of your comfort zone and acknowledging that the people you serve have real needs—needs that won't be met unless you step up. The words "tough enough" should always be tied to the mission.

Guidelines for Tough Enough in Photos
Every photo should tell a story. These stories might take place in streets, offices, hospitals, or classrooms, but ultimately it's about the people, not the locales or props. Ideally, photos should include just enough background to give the shot a sense of realism.

See examples of Tough Enough Ads and other Collateral
Download the Tough Enough Handbook

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Wheelock Seal

Please note: All Wheelock logos are copyrighted and can only be used with the express permission of the College.

The Wheelock College seal is only intended for formal communications, such as:

  • Front of formal marketing communications (invitations, notecards, awards, and certificates)
  • Sign-off on back covers of formal marketing communications (viewbooks, catalog, application package)
  • Formal letterhead for the President's Office
  • Furniture

Wheelock College Seal

The Wheelock College Seal has been updated to retain a sense of tradition while looking contemporary and emphasizes the leaf motif, which figures so prominently in our sense of the growth and vitality of children. It is intended for use as a more formal sign-off of the College's identity, and therefore should be used in lieu of the logo—not along with it.

The Seal can be used in black, blue, and reverse. The seal should be surrounded by a clear margin that is at least as wide as the width of the shield pictured in the center of the seal. This margin provides a visual buffer to separate the seal from any other graphic elements. The seal should not be enclosed in a border.

Downloadable files for seal
If you feel you need to use the Wheelock seal, please contact the Marketing Department at for downloadable files.

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Wheelock Logos

Please note: All Wheelock logos are copyrighted and can only be used with the express permission of the College.

Three variations of the logo provide the flexibility to accommodate various horizontal and vertical space requirements. The logo should never be altered and it should not compete with other logos. The logo should be buffered by a clear margin that is as wide at the width of the letter "W" within each respective Wheelock College logo. This protected area is the minimum space allowed around the logo and a wider margin is strongly encouraged whenever possible.

Buffer field around stacked Wheelock logo

The Stacked Logo
This is the preferred logo format for websites, a standard letterhead, advertising, signage, clothing, and vehicles. The smallest allowable use of the stacked logo is one inch wide.

Wheelock College buffered stacked logo


Downloadable files for Stacked logo
(Best uses: EPS for print, JPG for Web/PowerPoint, GIF for Word documents)

GIF File GIF File
GIF File
EPS File EPS File - EPS File
JPG File JPG File
JPG File


The Inspire a World of Good - Wheelock College Combined Logo
This may be used in place of the standard stacked Wheelock logo. It should always be placed at the bottom of the page. For booklets, it may be placed on the back cover at the bottom of the page. It is typically placed aligned-right but may also be centered or aligned-left.

Inspire a World of Good-Wheelock combined logo

Downloadable files for Inspire a World of Good-Wheelock College Combined Logo

JPG File
EPS File
EPS File

EPS File PNG File

The Horizontal Logo
This format should only be used when the stacked logo will not fit the intended space allotted for the logo placement. This is not the preferred logo format, but it may be used when necessary on book or catalog spines, the front of tablecloths for college fairs, in vertical format signage and banners, and clothing.

Wheelock College Horizontal Logo

Downloadable files for horizontal logo
If you feel you need to use the Wheelock Horizontal logo, please contact the Marketing Department at for downloadable files. The smallest allowable use for the horizontal logo is 1.5 inches wide.

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The Wheelock Wildcats Logos
These area used primarily by the Department of Athletics for athletic gear and materials. They may be used to promote Wheelock in other situations, but you must first seek approval from the Department of Athletics.

See the Athletics Brand Guide

Wheelock Athletics Head logo

Wheelock Wildcats Head Logo

Wheelock Athletics Logo

Wheelock Athletics (head)
Wildcats Athletics (head) Wheelock Athletics (stacked)
JPG File JPG File JPG File

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Selected Typeface

The typeface Helvetica Neue is the selected font for any Wheelock printed materials. While the full range of Helvetica Neue is at your disposal, bold should be used for headlines and emphasis in type. This is preferred body copy but as it gets smaller (8 point or under), it gets more difficult to read. Use your best judgment in these cases and feel free to switch to the light or roman weight, with the lightest version always being your first choice.

Web usage
On the web and in emails, every attempt should be made to use Helvetica Neue (at least in headlines). If it's unavailable, stock Helvetica or Arial are acceptable substitutes.

Helvetica Neue Samples

Color Palette

The Wheelock color palette is intended to convey the strength, vibrancy, and energy of the College, its people, and its programs.


PMS 293 is Wheelock blue. It should be used very sparingly outside of the logo. It is not required to use this color for the logo.
Web color code: 0047B6
PMS Black is the only alternate color for the Wheelock logo. It is also used primarily on text at 100% and in headlines at 75-50%. Additional screens of black are also available for use.
Web color code: 000000


These colors are largely meant to add more pop to predominantly black and white layouts. They are used in small amounts (in most cases) and should never be used more than two to a page/spread. All of these colors are viable for undergraduate audience communication, but PMS 151, PMS 390, and PMS 2995 should be avoided when addressing graduate, alumni, and adult audiences.

PMS 151
Web Code: FF8400
PMS 390
Web Code: B5BE00
PMS 2995
Web Code: 00AEEF
PMS 1235
Web Code: FFB81D
PMS 235
Web Code: 871054
PMS 7692
Web Code: 304D6D


Wheelock has an extensive photo library of images that can be used for print and web projects. These photos capture most aspects of life at Wheelock, including academics (graduate and undergraduate), athletics, campus life, field experiences, residence life, student activities, and formal events (convocations, Commencement). Please contact the Marketing Office at if you need access to the photo drive.

PowerPoint Templates for Presentations

Wheelock PowerPointThe following PowerPoint templates were created to enhance the presentations you create for Wheelock audiences. They include elements from the new Tough Enough to Inspire a World of Good branding.

*PLEASE NOTE: The Print version is for those who will be printing handouts and projecting onto classroom-sized screens. Those preparing presentations being used on large screens should use the Wide Projection template.

Both templates are set up with Are You Tough Enough to Inspire a World of Good for the title, but users have license to alter that to reflect any of the following slogans. Please contact Marketing first if you want to vary from this list:

  • Are you tough enough to teach a hungry child?
  • Are you tough enough to reach a sick child?
  • Are you tough enough to tell stories that change lives?
  • Are you tough enough to change the status quo?
  • Are you tough enough to teach a child to read?
  • Are you tough enough to save a child from harm?
  • Are you tough enough to build a better world?
  • Are you tough enough to give it all you've got?
  • Are you tough enough to find the common ground?
  • Are you courageous enough not to look the other way?
  • Are you daring enough to embrace social justice?
  • Are you tough enough to fight for social justice?
  • Are you strong enough to mobilize communities?
  • Are you bold enough to nurture neighborhoods?

inspire a world of good

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