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Parking Rules and Policies

General Parking Rules

  • Parking permits do not guarantee a space. Parking is on a space available, first-come first-served basis.
  • You must meet the eligibility requirements for permits and abide by the rules and restrictions of the permit.
  • All permit holders must fill out an application. Incomplete applications will not be processed until complete information is received, especially license plate information. Incorrect information may result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed at the vehicle owner's expense.
  • Students must be currently enrolled and be cleared by Financial Services before a permit may be issued.
  • Employees must live beyond 1.5 miles of the campus to be eligible for parking.
  • Employees who are enrolled in the T-pass program are NOT eligible for parking. You must cancel your T-pass in the month prior applying for parking.  Please contact the Office of Human Resources 617-879-2175 for information.
  • Cars parked on campus may be prey to theft or vandalism, and permit holders should take necessary precautions to minimize this risk. Do not leave personal belongings or other items in view in your car. Wheelock College is NOT responsible for theft or damage to cars parked on campus. Once a permit is purchased, the fee is non-refundable.
  • The replacement fee for lost permits is $50.00.
  • You are expected to be engaged in official Wheelock business when parked in campus lots.
  • Wheelock College reserves the right to change its parking rules and regulations and limit permit sales at any time.

Parking Restrictions

  • On certain days, such as commencement or special events, parking on campus may be closed or limited.
  • Although you are entitled to only one parking hang tag permit, you now have the flexibility to use this tag for substitute vehicles when necessary. The parking application form has space for you to list up to three vehicles.
  • Permits allow parking at:
    • 25 Pilgrim Road Open Lot (no overnight parking; all vehicles must be moved by 11pm)
    • 55 Pilgrim Road Garage (overnight parking allowed)
    • 65 Pilgrim Road Garage (overnight parking allowed)
    • 43 Hawes Street Open Lot Brookline (no overnight parking; all vehicles must be moved by 11pm)
  • There is no parking in the Admission parking lot at any time. This open lot is located at 85 Pilgrim Road between Peabody Hall and the 65 Pilgrim Road garage.
  • There are marked spaces for disability parking in the 25 Pilgrim Open Lot, 65 Pilgrim Road garage, and 43 Hawes Street Open Lot. These spaces require a valid HP plate or tag. A valid Wheelock permit is also required for use in these spaces.
  • As part of our sustainability efforts, three (3) parking spaces will be dedicated in the 25 Pilgrim Road lot for low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles. Signs will be posted to designate those spaces. Qualified vehicles will receive a windshield cling sticker in addition to the usual Wheelock hang tag, both of which must be properly displayed while parking in these spaces. Vehicles that do not qualify are prohibited from parking in these spaces and will be subject to ticketing and towing.
  • Overnight parking is restricted to the garages only.  All vehicles must be removed by 7am.
  • Vehicles must visibly display a valid Wheelock parking permit and must be parked in legal designated spaces between two painted lines.
  • In the event of a storm, it may be necessary to close the 25 Open Lot, Colchester, and the lot at 43 Hawes Street for plowing.  These lots will reopen as soon as possible.

Ticketing and Towing

Vehicles that are parked illegally are subject to ticketing or towing with or without notice. 

Examples of illegal parking include, but are not limited to, vehicles that: fail to display a valid permit, improperly display a  valid permit, display an out-of-date or altered permit, or are parked illegally such as over the lines between two legal spaces, in unlined spaces, in HP spaces, in coned off spaces, in fire lanes, in spaces designated for low-emission fuel-efficient vehicles, reserved for athletic vans or Wheelock vehicles, or parked after 11pm (except in designated overnight garages with the proper permit), or parked during breaks and vacations.

If you are a registered permit holder and do not have your permit, you must get a temporary permit for the day. Temporary permits may be picked up at the Campus Services office or Hawes Concierge desk during regular business hours. Your temporary permit must be displayed in your vehicle; otherwise you will be subject to ticketing and towing.

If you cannot obtain a temporary permit, please contact Public Safety at 617-879-2151 for instructions. 

Please note the following:

  • Excessive use of temporary permits is not allowed.  If your permit is lost or stolen, you must replace it.  You may not use a temporary permit in place of your regular parking permit on a long-term basis as determined by Office of Public Safety.
  • Any alteration of a temporary permit will subject the vehicle to towing without notice.
  • If your permit is reported as lost or stolen and is subsequently found on a vehicle parked at the College, that vehicle will be towed without notice.
  • Vehicles without permits or otherwise illegally parked maybe issued a warning ticket. Warning tickets have no cost associated with them and are issued as a courtesy.  Please note that an illegally parked vehicle may be towed without issuance of a warning ticket.
  • Once a warning ticket is issued to a vehicle, any future infractions may result in immediate towing without further notice. Public Safety will keep a log of all tickets issued and use the log to determine second violations. If you believe you received a warning ticket in error, please contact the Office of Public Safety to appeal the ticket.
  • Wheelock uses a private towing company and does not have any financial interest in the company or receive any fees from a towed vehicle. The towing fee must be paid in cash directly to the towing company. The current fee is estimated at $125.

Please contact Public Safety at 617-879-2151 to inquire if your car has been towed. This line is answered 24 hours per day.

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