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Reporting Misconduct Under Title IX

In Case of Emergency

In an emergency call 911 or contact Public Safety at 617-879-2151.

Title IX Report Form

To file a report with the Title IX Coordinator, complete an intake form and email to cforrest@wheelock.edu

Download the Intake Form (pdf)

The College encourages individuals who experience or witness sexual misconduct to report the incident so that they may obtain support and so the College can respond appropriately. Reports may be made by the person who experienced conduct in violation of the Policy or any person who has information that conduct in violation of the Policy may have occurred in connection with a College community member, event, or activity.

Reports may be made to any of the following on-campus offices with varying degrees of privacy and/or confidentiality:

On-Campus Private Resources

Title IX Coordinators

The Title IX Coordinators are required to respond on behalf of the College to all reports of sexual or gender-based harassment, discrimination, and misconduct. A Title IX Coordinator will only share information with other College officials on a need to know basis or as required by law (e.g. Clery Act, Massachusetts Law on Protection of Minors).

Office of Student Life, Office of Residence Life

These offices are required to share information with college personnel necessary to carry out College policies and procedures. They will report any incidences of alleged sexual misconduct to the appropriate Title IX Coordinator so that the College may investigate and respond.

Public Safety

Wheelock Public Safety will report incidences of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator so that the College may investigate and respond.

Responsible Employees

All faculty and staff are considered "responsible employees" and are required to report information to the appropriate College personnel necessary to carry out College policies and procedures. Only those individuals who are statutorily prohibited from reporting (as listed below) shall not have a duty to report all incidents


On-Campus Confidential Resources

The College recognizes that not every individual will choose to file a formal report with the College or with local law enforcement. Individuals who wish to talk to someone about an incident confidentially, without triggering an investigation or response by the College, may utilize the confidential resources listed below. These resources may not release an individual's information without that individual's express consent, except under limited circumstances that pose an imminent danger to the individual or to others.

Counseling Center

Students who have been subjected to misconduct and those who have been accused of misconduct may discuss their experiences confidentially with counselors at the Counseling Center. An individual's conversations with a college counselor will not be disclosed to anyone else in the College within the limits of the law. These limits include cases of life-threatening emergencies, imminent danger to self or others, or current abuse of children or other dependents. Otherwise, no information is released outside of the Counseling Center without the explicit permission of the student.

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office provides students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to talk "off the record" about campus concerns, issues, or conflicts. The ombuds is available to assist in resolving problems, concerns, and complaints in an independent, neutral, confidential, and impartial manner.  The ombuds will listen, coach, provide advice, and mediate between parties when necessary as well as inform the community of available resources and provide advice on how to best address concerns.

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