Wheelock College Commencement 2018!

Commencement was Friday, May 18! See taped versions of the full Undergraduate and Graduate ceremonies and more at wheelock.edu/commencement.

Documentation Studio: Exhibitions

Making Learning Visible: Using the Tools of Documentation & Visual Arts

Reception May 5, 3 - 5 p.m.

See student documentation of learning and engagement at the Boston Children's Museum.

Making Learning Visible Reception flier

Cultivate the Scientist in Every Child: The Philosophy of Frances and David Hawkins

October 1 - November 13, 2015

Hawkins Centers of Learning logoIn collaboration with the Hawkins Centers of Learning, Wheelock College is excited to host an exhibit of the Hawkins' work, which serves as a catalyst for a daylong conference at Wheelock on October 3 (visit the conference web page) and outreach to New England educators. Documentation of our local children's science inquiry will also be on display. This exhibit will be held at Wheelock's Earl Center for Learning and Innovation, 180 Riverway, Boston, MA, 02215.


Wheelock in Action

This exhibition features current Wheelock faculty, current Wheelock students, and Wheelock alums and the diverse ways they are using documentation to support and communicate learning in preK thru college classrooms. The exhibition opened on October 13, 2012. See below for some descriptions of individual exhibits.

The Lives of Undocumented Workers in New OrleansThe Lives of Undocumented Workers in New Orleans
by the Community Action Team

Work from the Community Action Team, including Mario Figueroa, Danielle Babon, Rosanne Erazo, Laura Serao, and Heidi Lopez-Romero, showing the lives of undocumented workers in New Orleans


Cracking Down on Occupy? exhibit at the Documentation Studio at WheelockCracking Down on Occupy?
by Wheelock alumna and FAO Schwarz Foundation Fellow, Bridgit Paula

In this piece we see photos taken from Occupy movements in Boston, Chicago and New York through Bridgit's lens as she studied for a documentary photography course. 



Digicide Exhibit at the Documentation Studio at Wheelock Digicide
by Wheelock faculty member Susan Owusu

In this piece, we see what happens when Susan asks her students to commit "digicide"—the act of disabling your social networking identity. For one month, Susan and her students reflect on the question, "How will giving up all social networking for one month impact my relationships, communication, and life?" 


Let's Build the Biggest Ramp in the World Exhibit at the Documentation Center at WheelockLet's Build the Biggest Ramp in the World... Together!
by Wheelock alum Laura Shea

In her preschool classroom at the Curley School, Laura explores ways to help four boys build knowledge together around a shared interested in constructing marble ramps. Through documentation, Laura makes the boys' processes and products visible so she can revisit them with the boys and colleagues in ways that help to shape their learning process. (Wheelock faculty member Karen Worth adds her commentary about how the project connected organically to early education standards around science learning.)

Let's Tell a Story and TreasuresLet's Tell a Story and Treasures
by Wheelock students Julianne Coneys and Renee Lamarre

Through an Independent Study with Wheelock faculty members Stephanie Cox Suarez and Erica Licea-Kane, Julianne and Renee partner with Boston Public School teachers Laura Shea and Megan Nason to observe and document learning in their classrooms. Julianne's work focuses on a small group of girls as they learn to tell stories. Renee's work focuses on a whole class exploration of recycled materials—"treasures"—that the children brought from their homes.

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