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Click the links to view or download the handouts related to each Exploration Station topic at Wheelock College's 2016 Curiosity and Learning Conference.

1. Games for Creativity and Discovery

Ellie Friedland, Wheelock Early Childhood Education Faculty
Come play physical games that will help you de-mechanize and de-routinize your thinking, and bring out your creativity and that of your students.

2. Water Exploration

Karen Worth and Jeff Winokur, Wheelock Science Education Faculty
Cindy Hoisington, EDC
Explore the properties and behavior of water at four stations with science educators, Karen and Jeff.

3. I Felt That

Kate Parker O'Toole
Experiment making felt with a fiber artist.

4. This is Fishy

Lisa Lobel, Wheelock Science Faculty
Explore the anatomy and adaptations of aquatic organisms through the Japanese art form, Gyotaku.

5. Playing in School!

Diane Levin, Wheelock Early Childhood Education Faculty
Use Playdoh to find out how Hawkins' type play has changed. How does it affect young children's learning? What can we do about it?

6. Accessible Maker Space

Fermando Albertorio, The Cambridge Hackspace
Mare Parker O'Toole, Director, Wheelock Earl Center
Explore electrical circuits, temperature, and magnets in ways that are accessible to all learners.

7. Math and Play

Maria Mellone & Chris Redford, Wheelock Math Faculty
Math games, puzzles, and fun activities with math educators, Maria and Chris.

8. Beautiful Stuff

Marina Seevak, Founder/Director, the Beautiful Stuff Project
Creative ways to use recycled materials to make treasure boxes.

9. Intuitive Engineering

Greg Gomes, Wheelock Art Faculty
Explore with artist Greg Gomes  the strength of materials and just how much weight they can bear.

10. Citizen Science Playground

Carie Cardamone, Wheelock Science Faculty
Come experience ways you and your students can explore citizen science projects.

11. Joint Family Engagement

Susan Redditt, Wheelock Education Faculty
Design an engaging booklet of important school-based information geared for English language learning families and children.

12. Exploring the Garden

Jane Hirschi, City Sprouts
Join City Sprouts staff to investigate and identify edible and non-edible plants.

13. Books and Books

Sara Levine, Wheelock Science Faculty
Sara is a scientist, educator, and children's book author and will share her books as well as others she recommends to inspire curiosity in science.

14. Staying Balanced

Laura Friedman, Karen First, Lucinda Burk, Yvonne Liu-Constant, Elizabeth Cavicchi, Hawkins Learning Group
Find balance through open and guided exploration using a variety of every-day and recycled materials.

15. Skateboarding! Documenting Projects

Lesley Ring, Cambridge Public Schools Kindergarten Teacher
Last year Lesley's kindergarten students took a lead to design a skateboard park; Lesley provided materials, time, support and documented the process.

16. Art & Physics

Julie Bernson, deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park
Inspired by Stephanie Cardon's sculpture entitled Beacon in deCordova's Sculpture Park, using blocks and string we will explore the properties of tension, scale, and aesthetics.

17. Evolution

3 spaces for inquiry art drawing designed by Laura Friedman (Earl Center, Pilgrim, Campus Center - Laura Friedman has designed a space for you to create community art.

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