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Curiosity and Learning Conference


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Stephanie Cox Suarez
Doc Studio

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Aspire Institute

4th Annual Conference

Save the Date: October 27, 2018

Inspired by the Hawkins Centers of Learning

The Documentation Studio's annual Curiosity and Learning conference offers enriching professional development to educators from schools at all age levels, museums, and family child care providers. It provides an opportunity to practice many ways to nurture curiosity and wonder in ourselves and our students. The inaugural conference in 2015 was an outgrowth of "Cultivate the Scientist in Every Child: The Philosophy of Frances and David Hawkins," an exhibit created by the Hawkins Centers of Learning to spread ideas related to the Hawkins' philosophy.

See videos, photos, and more posted to social media from the 2017 conference!

Painting with your whole body at the Curiosity Conference


 Testimonial from Conference Participant

"The enthusiasm, spontaneity, focused involvement, questioning, frustration, and reward of the learning that I watched this weekend so strongly related to what I see in very young children. Learning happens so easily when interest of the learner, supported by an equally interested mentor, is embedded in the educational system, whether that system is formal or informal. This has always been clear to me. What else is apparent is that we really don't all have to learn the same thing—we are different in our interests because society NEEDS diverse expertise to function smoothly."

- Laura Friedman, educator and curiosity station guide

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Previous Conferences

Visit the archived web pages from our prior conferences to see agendas, descriptions of the panels, as well as supporting educational materials.

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