Wheelock College MSW Program: Advanced Practice Behaviors

(Words in italics correlate with Social Work Curricular Themes)

Core Competency 1: Professional Identity
Advanced Practice Behavior: Demonstrate integration of self-reflection and self-care, applied differential use of self, and growth through use of supervision and consultation in service of the development of a professional social work identity that is action-oriented, strengths and justice based, and progressively taking a leadership stance in all professional settings.

Core Competency 2: Ethical Practice
Advanced Practice Behavior: Demonstrate the capacity to analyze complex individual, family, group, organizational, and community issues and solutions that directly apply to social work ethics, reasoning, and practice principles that advance human rights and social and economic justice.

Core Competency 3: Critical Thinking
Advanced Practice Behavior: Apply principles of logic, scientific inquiry, and reasoning discernment. Critical thinking also requires the synthesis and communication of relevant information. Utilize critical thinking augmented by creativity, curiosity, and continual professional development.

Core Competency 4: Diversity
Advanced Practice Behavior: Develop an increasingly explicit and integrated approach to global human diversity applying an intersectional analysis to the evaluation and articulation of the effects of power and privilege, including one's own location in these dynamics.  

Core Competency 5: Human Rights
Advanced Practice Behavior: Design, analyze, strategize, and advocate with client systems on behalf of the human rights of individuals and groups whose lived experiences and sociocultural memberships represent varying degrees of power, privilege, and oppression.

Core Competency 6: Research- Based Practice
Advanced Practice Behavior: Access, assess, apply, & evaluate research findings to inform justice-based practice with children and families.

Core Competency 7: Human Behavior
Advanced Practice Behavior: Critically evaluate and apply human behavior and the social environment theories in justice-based, multiculturally responsible ways to promote social change.

Core Competency 8: Policy Practice
Advanced Practice Behavior: Demonstrate the ability to take a leadership role in effective collaboration in the design, implementation, and evaluation of a policy practice that advances human rights and social justice.

Core Competency 9:  Practice Context
Advanced Practice Behavior: Utilize emerging scientific and technological developments and societal trends to provide optimal services as part of an ecosystemic and justice based approach in all areas of practice and to support professional development and life-long learning.

Core Competency 10: Engage, Assess, Intervene, And Evaluate
Advanced Practice Behavior: Demonstrate the advanced ability to synthesize social work knowledge, skills, and values, and use of self to plan, implement, and critically evaluate practice and collaboration with diverse individuals, families, and larger systems.

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