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Wheelock painting by Paul Hastings

Painting of Wheelock Campus by Paul Hastings, Associate Dean of Student Success


"The Wheelock community is unified by its members' commitment to its mission of improving the lives of children and their families. I feel privileged to have been a part of the Wheelock community for the last 30 years."
- Bob Lincoln, Honorary Trustee


Kenann McKenzie Thompson and daughters

"Working at Wheelock surrounds me with students who are inspiring in their commitment to social justice and action; I am also surrounded by administrators, faculty and staff who have an unwavering focus on developing compassionate, critical thinkers who can serve as change agents within the larger society. Early in life, as a preteen I decided that I wanted my life's work to include advocacy for the needs of children and families. I found that an alignment between my personal passion and my work within the Wheelock Community."

- Kenann McKenzie-Thompson, Ph.D. (with daughters), Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Programs


"In December 1967, as a senior majoring in child development at Cornell University, I didn't know what I was going to do after I graduated. My roommate had an application to a masters degree program working with emotionally disturbed young children. The program was offered at Wheelock College in Boston and was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. She wasn't going to use the application and offered it to me. I had never heard of Wheelock College but the program sounded wonderful so I applied, got in and moved to Boston to begin the program in June 1968. So began a relationship with Wheelock College that started by chance, but has continued with complete intentionality and appreciation ever since. After graduation, I taught children and received my doctorate, but in the Fall of 1978, I eagerly returned to teach at Wheelock, never to leave.

"Thank you, Wheelock College, for being a central part of the heart, mind, and soul of all the meaningful work I have done in my professional life and for contributing to my continued development and learning throughout. And thank you Wheelock College for letting me be a part of this deeply committed community of professional colleagues who all worked together to prepare the highly qualified, deeply committed professionals who have contributed greatly to the quality of life of children and families in society and the wellbeing of us all."

- Diane E. Levin, MS '69, Professor of Early Childhood Education


Les Couleures de la Vie painting"To me, Wheelock means compassion, kindness and fairness.

"The students who come to Wheelock care about this world. I am surrounded by people who will stand up and fight for the rights of the under privileged and the less fortunate. Our faculty expose our students to the tough issues in our society—they help make the Wheelock student brave enough to stand up and speak out. I've been lucky enough to attend the Passion for Action fund raising events here at the College and have had the opportunity to hear directly from these passionate young scholars and the work they aspire to do. What I think about when I walk away from each of these events is that Wheelock truly is a school that inspires a world of good and that I'm so very proud to be part of it."

- Michele Crews, Director of Human Resources


"While I'm not a Wheelock alum, I feel like one! In my multi-decade career as a public media producer of educational television series and educational outreach materials for kids (as well as parents and teachers), I relied on Wheelock professors to advise me about curriculum and child development so that my media projects would have the best chance of impacting kids and families everywhere, and most especially, the underserved segments of our society. Through this work—and then as a member of the Board of Trustees for 12 years—I've come to know and love Wheelock as if it were my own college. I've joined the Lucy Wheelock brigade of men and women, students and professors, community partners who believe that education for all based on sound pedagogy is a critical element to a bright future for our society—and I well understand that this work is not easy. Wheelock students inspire me with their commitment to fulfill the Wheelock mission of ‘Inspire a World of Good for Children and Families.' And for me the ‘Are You Tough Enough' marketing campaign, developed a few years ago, is an apt descriptor of what's required to lift our country through education and social services. I have never seen a group of young people more bold, more passionate,and more ready to make change in the world."

- Kate Taylor, Trustee


Brienne Thibodeau"Wheelock means learning about your cultural identity and how that knowledge influences your work with children and families. Wheelock ignites a passion for social justice that continues to brew long after you leave campus. Wheelock means its graduates are always striving to improve their practice and honor our youngest learners."

- Brienne Thibodeau, '11/'13MS, Kindergarten teacher in Melrose Public Schools

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