Student Handbook: Safety and Security


Even though you are on campus and very familiar with the area, be cautious. There are basic precautions that people who live in an urban area like Boston need to take.

Maintain Your Personal Safety

  • Have your keys ready before you arrive at your residence hall or automobile.
  • Do not walk alone at night or in isolated areas. 
  • Walk along well-traveled paths, even during daylight hours. At night, avoid poorly-lit short cuts.
  • Do not accept rides from strangers. Be cautious of persons you meet in a social setting. Feel confident you know that person well enough before going to the parking lot or taking a ride in any car, yours or theirs.
  • Carry a whistle on your key ring and don't hesitate to use it if you feel you are threatened.
  • Look alert. Pay attention to the events around you. By looking confident you may be able to deter an attack.
  • When walking to Colchester House, the President's House, the Brookline Campus (43 Hawes Street), or the Longwood "T," always walk on the sidewalks along The Riverway, Longwood Avenue, and Kent Street, rather than through the park across The Riverway


  • Keep your residence hall room or apartment door locked at all times. Never leave your door unlocked or propped open.
  • Never loan your keys or Wheelock College Student I.D. to anyone, for any reason.
  • Any theft, no matter how small, should be reported to Public Safety immediately and reported to your Resident Director, who will ask you to complete a Report of Loss form. Notify the Facilities Management Office or Public Safety if items reported as lost or stolen are found or otherwise accounted for. 
  • Try to know everyone who lives in your residence hall. You must comply with the Visitors and Sign-In Policy described under Residence Life in the Handbook. Your safety and security, as well as that of everyone in the residence hall, will depend on your compliance with that Policy. 
  • Report any suspicious people or incidents immediately to Public Safety.


Students who intend to walk alone at night from one campus building to another may request an escort from Public Safety. Public Safety will provide a foot patrol escort as soon as one is available. If a Public Safety officer is on another security detail, the escort will be delayed until that detail is completed.


If you are the victim of sexual assault by a stranger or by someone you know, contact Public Safety at 617-879-2151. The Public Safety dispatcher will help you connect with appropriate resources such as the Resident Director On Call or Counseling Center Counselor On Call. Victims have the option to contact state or local police regarding a sexual assault. Wheelock authorities will assist sexual assault victims in notifying police, if requested.

A Climate of Respect (excerpted from the Student Code of Conduct)

Wheelock College is committed to providing a Climate of Respect within its learning and living environment. It is expected that students will conduct their affairs with the utmost respect toward those within and without the College community in accordance with the College mission and creed. Sexual assault in any of its forms is contrary to the foundations of this commitment. Any student who treats another unfairly, unkindly, disrespectfully or abusively is in violation of the Wheelock Code of Conduct and will be subject to adjudication.

Definition of Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is a category of violent crime that includes rape, attempted rape and indecent assault and battery. 

Alcohol, Drugs and Consent

Massachusetts law provides that legally intoxicated individuals (.08 or above blood alcohol level) are unable to consent to any sexual activity. Drugs are often unknowingly given to victims of rape. The three most used are Rohypnol or Roofies, Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate or GHB and Ketamine or Special K. If you suspect that you have consumed any of these, please seek medical assistance.

The following offices should be of immediate assistance and facilitate a plan of help:

• Public Safety 617-879-2151

Even if you are off campus, Public Safety can assist in getting you back to campus, to a medical facility, or in contact with the Resident Director On Call and the Counselor on Call (COC).

• The Counseling Center 617-879-2413 or 617-879-2410

The Counseling Center provides a safe environment in which counselors can assist students in crisis by providing options for immediate and longer term care, including emotional and psychological support, guidance in accessing medical care and other off campus resources

The Center's office hours are:

        • Monday 9 am - 5 pm, 
        • Tuesday - Thurs 9 am - 7 pm
        • Fridays 9 am - 4 pm
        • Walk-in Hours: Mon-Thurs 11 a.m.- 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.- 3 p.m.

• The Boston or the local Police department: 9-1-1.

Off Campus Resources

BARCC or the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (1-800-841-8371): 24 hour confidential hotline
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (617-667-7000): ask for the Emergency Room - the hospital has staff that are specially trained to assist individuals who have been sexually assaulted, The Center for Violence Prevention and Trauma Recovery 617-667-8141
Harvard Vanguard Health Services Urgent Care (617-421-1196): the unit functions as Wheelock's student health service
Fenway Community Health Service Violence Recovery Program (617-972-6250): after 5:00pm or on the weekends 877-785-2020
Brigham and Women's Hospital (617-732-5640)
Mass General Hospital Emergency Department (617-724-4100)

Criminal Charges

When the College is aware that criminal charges have been brought against a Wheelock College student by federal, state or local authorities, the College reserves the right to take appropriate action against the student, including but not limited to, suspension or expulsion from the College, and/or from residence, pending the outcome of judicial proceedings.

Expression of any form which is degrading, demeaning, abusive or harassing toward others, particularly on the basis of race, color, cultural background, handicap, age, sexual orientation, or political or religious beliefs. This covers all forms of communication, including verbal, written, and electronic media, and all forms of interaction, including physical and verbal.


Wheelock encourages the accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes and violations of College policies. In the event that crimes or policy violations occur, the College will inform the campus community.

The Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 require colleges and universities to publish certain campus crime and arrest statistics annually.


Each member of the Wheelock community-students, faculty, administrators, and staff-is responsible for his or her own safety while on campus or at College-sponsored activities. The College has established safety policies that are explained below. Everyone is expected to follow these policies and is expected to attend orientation and security-related meetings which will be held from time to time throughout the year.

Your Responsibilities

All members of the Wheelock community are expected to:

▪ Follow the College's policies concerning visitors, the use of alcohol and drugs, security, and the rights of others.
▪ Report any unescorted strangers in College buildings or suspicious people on the campus to Public Safety immediately at extension 2151. Accompany your visitors from arrival on to departure from campus.
▪ Adhere to the College's parking regulations.
▪ Use good judgment and be careful in all matters pertaining to personal safety or the safety of others. Specifically, the College expects that students, faculty, administrators, staff, or visitors will not circumvent College regulations or security systems. These regulations and security systems are established for everyone's protection.

Failure to comply with security policies is a violation of the Code of Conduct and can lead to sanctions or disciplinary actions. Failure to heed warnings can also lead to loss of property and increase risks to personal safety.

Security System

To help provide security at the College, Wheelock has installed a security system that includes several different components. At the beginning of each academic year, and occasionally throughout the year, this security system will be explained to all students. Each Wheelock student is responsible for knowing and complying with security policies distributed in the fall and is responsible for being present at residence hall and campus security-related meetings. The College reserves the right to change Wheelock's security system at any time and for any reason.

The central Public Safety Desk in the lobby of Peabody is staffed by Public Safety officers on duty 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Each Public Safety staff member is trained to handle on-campus incidents or problems. The campus Public Safety staff urges each student to report any situation that could threaten the security of the campus. This includes thefts, strangers on campus, and unsafe conditions. Security and safety is everyone's responsibility, and the Public Safety staff depends on and is appreciative of the help of students, faculty and staff to maintain a safe campus environment.

All students should know the following emergency telephone numbers:

Public Safety: 617-879-2151
Harvard Vanguard Health Center: 617-421-1196
Boston or Brookline Police, Fire, and Medical Emergency: 911

To dial an off-campus number from a campus phone, including 911, you must dial 9 first for an outside line. Therefore, to dial 911 from campus dial 9-911.

Any student who is concerned about security or who has a complaint concerning security should contact his or her Resident Assistant or Resident Director. The student will be asked to complete a "Security Complaint" form, which will be submitted to the Dean of Students and the Director of Facilities Management.


Bicycles may not be parked or stored in the hallways, stairwells or public areas of any building on campus, due to city fire and safety regulations. Always lock your bicycle at appropriate bicycle racks located on campus.


Your Wheelock College student ID not only serves as a means of identification but also provides you with access to your residence hall, dining services, the library, printing services, and many other areas on campus. Students are expected to carry their identification cards at all times. The College reserves the right to ask students to produce their IDs at any time. Students should not allow use of their ID by anyone else.

The Fenway Card is the College's official means of identification, enabling students to access essential campus facilities and services including the residence halls, Food Services and the Library. Most services can be accessed with the card via readers placed around the College. Students should carry the card at all times while on campus.

The Fenway Card offers a convenient prepaid spending account - Fenway Cash - accepted as a form of payment at the Longfellow Café, Campus Store, Lucy's Café, the Night Kitchen, and the Campus Center Dining Room. Students may also use Fenway Cash to make purchases at popular local businesses in the Fenway neighborhood and accepting locations at the other five member institutions of the Colleges of the Fenway. For a complete list of accepting locations, visit

To learn more about the Fenway Card program, visit or contact the Fenway Card Service Center at or 1-877-COF-8340 (263-8340) Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Special Parking Notice

Students that operate a car with out-of-state registration must complete a Non-Resident Student Information Form each year, regardless of whether or not they park on campus. If you are a student who drives a vehicle with out-of-state registration, please complete and print out the attached form and bring it to the Campus Services Office. You will be issued a blue window sticker indicating that you are a non-resident student attending school in Massachusetts. The Non-Resident Student decal is provided free of charge. Failure to register may result in a fine from any Massachusetts police officer of up to $200.


Parking facilities at Wheelock College are limited, due to high demand and the construction of the Center for Innovation and Learning. Undergraduate commuter students may only purchase a permit that allows parking from 5:00pm to 11pm Monday to Friday. On weekends, the permit allows parking from 8am until 11pm.

Junior or Senior resident students may purchase a permit that allows evening and overnight parking Monday to Friday. Students may park after 5:00pm and vehicles must be moved from the lot by 7:00am the next morning. On weekends the permit allows day, evening, and overnight parking. Students may park starting at 5:00pm on Friday and vehicles must be moved from the lot by 7:00am Monday morning.

Please note these important parking rules and regulations:
As part of our sustainability efforts, three (3) parking spaces will be dedicated in the 25 Pilgrim Road lot for low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles. Signs will be posted to designate those spaces. Qualified vehicles will receive a windshield cling sticker in addition to the usual Wheelock hang tag, both of which must be properly displayed while parking in these spaces. Vehicles that do not qualify are prohibited from parking in these spaces and will be towed.

This list is determined by standards set by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles are defined as vehicles that are either classified as Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) by the California Air Resources Board or have achieved a minimum green score of 40 on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) annual vehicle rating guide. This list is administered by ACEEE.ORG and GREENERSCARS.ORG. 2013 model vehicles will be evaluated case by case.

You must meet the eligibility requirements for parking.

Parking permits do not guarantee a space. Parking is on a space available, first-come first-served basis.

Permits allow parking during the academic year only September to May. Once a permit is purchased, the fee is non-refundable.

Undergraduate parking permits allow parking at:

• 25 Pilgrim Road Open Lot (no overnight parking; all vehicles must be moved by 11pm)
• 65 Pilgrim Road Garage (overnight parking allowed)
• 43 Hawes Street Open Lot Brookline (no overnight parking; all vehicles must be moved by 11pm)

Overnight parking for undergraduate resident students is restricted to the garages only.

Parking in Colchester House driveway is limited to College employees and Colchester House residents who have a Wheelock parking permit. If snow is forecasted, there will be no overnight parking in the Colchester House driveway. Students with parking permits may park in the College underground garages until 7:00am.

Students are not permitted to park on campus during College breaks and vacations.

During snow emergencies, the City of Boston "snow ban" parking regulations will also apply to Wheelock open parking lots. Cars that are not removed will be towed.

There is no parking in the Admission parking lot at any time. This open lot is located between Peabody Hall and the 65 Pilgrim Road garage.

There are marked disability parking spaces in the 25 Pilgrim Open Lot, 65 Pilgrim Road garage, and 43 Hawes Street Open Lot. These spaces require a valid HP plate or tag.

Vehicles must visibly display a valid Wheelock parking permit and must be parked in legal designated spaces between two painted lines.

Vehicles that fail to display their valid permit or are parked illegally such as over the lines between two legal spaces, in unlined spaces, in HP spaces, in coned off spaces, in spaces designated for low-emission fuel-efficient vehicles, athletic vans, Wheelock vehicles or parked after 11pm (except in designated overnight garages), parked during breaks and vacations, are subject to ticketing and towing.

Wheelock uses a private towing company and does not have any financial interest in the company or receive any fees from a towed vehicle. The towing fee must be paid in cash directly to the towing company. The current fee is estimated at $125.

Please contact Public Safety at 617-879-2151 to inquire if your car has been towed. This line is answered 24 hours per day.

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