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Congratulations on your acceptance to Wheelock College!

FYI 2016 Dates

Wheelock's 2016 FYI program will be offered in two sessions—choose the one that works for you:

  • Session I: June 14-15, 2016 (Tues-Wed)
  • Session II: June 17-18, 2016 (Fri-Sat)

If you want to review the information presented at last year's FYI, we have gathered the FYI program schedules and the key PowerPoint presentations onto an FYI Materials web page.

What is FYI?

The first step to a successful college career is attendance and active participation in our First Year Introduction (FYI) events. This is a collaborative two-day program between the Offices of Student Success and Student Life that provides incoming first year students with a comprehensive academic and social experience that will help you prepare for your college career.

This overnight program includes opportunities for you to meet fellow classmates, receive an introduction to the curriculum, receive academic advisement, and register for Fall courses. You will also complete a required English placement exams and have an opportunity to learn from faculty and staff about expectations of being a college student. Finally, the Office of Student Leadership will facilitate a variety of activities where students will get to know their classmates and the City of Boston. All incoming first-year students must choose one of the two sessions to attend.

Parents and guardians are also invited to attend the FYI Parent Program held on the first day of each session. Family members will not be able to attend their student's advising appointments or registration, but various programs will be facilitated for parents by faculty and staff to help them become more acquainted with Wheelock's departments and policies. Please note that the parent program and student program are held in separate campus locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Must I attend an FYI Session?
    Both days of the FYI Session are mandatory and students will have great difficulty beginning their fall semester without participating in the program. FYI consists of everything that you need to successfully transition academically and socially into Wheelock College, such as course registration, field placement selection, ID photo, placement tests, distribution of the summer book, and the opportunity to start forming connections with classmates, among other activities. Those who do not participate in FYI will not be able to take care of any business until FYI is over. This means you will be assigned to a field placement, registered for courses, and placed in a First-Year Seminar depending on whatever spaces are left. We cannot stress enough the importance of student attendance during one of the FYI Sessions.
  2. Are parents/family members required to participate in FYI?
    Please know that parents and/or family members are strongly encouraged to attend the family portion of FYI that is held on the first day of each session. Family members will not be able to attend a student's advising appointments or course registration or field placement programs. However, we have a full day of specific programs facilitated by faculty and staff that will help families become acquainted with Wheelock's culture, departments, policies, and support systems. At the end of the day, you will be able to reconnect with your student during dinner before you head home. On the second day of each session, parents and family members are invited to stay for a lunch reception before they leave campus with their student.
  3. Will I have a roommate?
    Yes, each student will be assigned a roommate for the overnight session.
  4. Will I have to share a bathroom with someone else?
    Yes, every student will have to share a bathroom with three or more students.
  5. What if I am a commuter student?
    We strongly encourage all students to stay on campus, even if you do not plan on being a resident in the Fall.
  6. What if I cannot attend one of the FYI sessions?
    FYI sessions provide crucial academic information for new students. Please contact the Office of Student Life at 617-879-2108 immediately should you have a conflict with attending an FYI session.

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