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The Wheelock College Counseling Center application process for 2016-2017 is now closed.

Wheelock College is a small, private college located in the Longwood Medical area of Boston.  At Wheelock, the Counseling Center plays an integral role in fostering the mission of the College in our students, "To improve the lives of children and families." A professional who is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families must have a strong and healthy sense of self. The Counseling Center affords student clients the opportunity for exploration of self, as well as of relationships with others and within the larger world. In this process, students become better able to realistically identify strengths and vulnerabilities, and become more effective at dealing with both. As personal growth flourishes, it paves the way for professional growth and success.

Our philosophy values the uniqueness of each individual, recognizes the centrality of relationships in human development, and respects and embraces human diversity. Although we do work with students in crisis, our primary goal is prevention, and in this endeavor, we strive to assist students with their concerns before they may develop into more serious problems.

The Counseling Center provides intake assessments, crisis intervention, brief treatment, case management and referrals.  The work is framed with students as a brief treatment (a semester or less) approach that incorporates enough flexibility to allow for longer-term intermittent work when appropriate. All staff and interns are also required to engage in outreach activities that include training Student Life staff around mental health /behavioral health concerns and providing health promotion activities for the campus community.


Interns provide individual counseling and support groups, that is time-limited. They are also expected to be involved in outreach activities through active and passive means, e.g., bulletin boards, information and activity tables in the campus center, psychoeducational groups, and attendance at campus events.

Each week interns engage in 2 hours of individual supervision with two senior staff, intern group supervision with the director, and all-staff disposition and clinical case conference meetings.  In addition, they attend a weekly intern seminar with other Colleges of the Fenway (COF) interns Monday mornings. Interns are required to be on-site on Friday mornings and one early evening each week.


The internship start date is earlier than at many other settings, that is, it includes a two-week orientation during the last two weeks of August, which may not conform to your academic year schedule, and concludes mid-May. 

A 24 hr/week schedule is the minimum number of hours expected on-site and includes one early evening per week to 7 PM. Participation in occasional late night and weekend activities is expected.

Interns get time off when the college is closed between December 23rd and the first weekday after New Year's Day, plus one week off in March during the Wheelock College Spring Break. 


Applicants must be in at least their second year of a training program. The ideal Wheelock intern is prepared to develop advanced level clinical practice skills by having already obtained a thorough foundation in their first year field placement.

Competitive applicants have a genuine interest in understanding the practice of college-based counseling services; they have the social skills and flexibility necessary for working within a small group of providers; an interest in developing competence working with a diverse client population; and are comfortable engaging in outreach activities for the Wheelock College community.


Typically two to three interns are selected each year.

  1. Submit a cover letter and resume electronically to Interview Exchange
  2. Submit three letter of recommendation to:
    Wheelock College
    Attn: Counseling Center
    200 Riverway
    Boston, MA 02215


  1. Upon receipt of a cover letter and resume, applications will be reviewed by a staff selection committee.
  2. Competitive applicants will be invited for an interview. Names and contact information for the three people writing your letters of recommendation should be submitted prior to your interview through Interview Exchange.
  3. Screening of application submissions begins in early January.

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