Commuter Students

At Wheelock, we realize that our commuter population is an integral part of our community. Approximately 30 percent of our undergraduate student population is composed of students commuting to and from Wheelock. Commuter students are encouraged to take an active role in the community not just through their classes, but also by by participating in Wheelock's various student clubs and organizations, student events, athletic teams, and by taking on leadership roles.

This page has been designed to help our commuter students access important information to make their experience at Wheelock easier and more complete.

Commuter Council

Commuter Council is an organization designed to encourage spirit among the entire group of commuters and to ensure that the commuter voice is heard on campus. Commuter Council will create, plan, and facilitate events on- and off-campus that offer commuters the opportunity to get to know one another. There will also be opportunities to engage in camaraderie with the residents on campus.


Commuter lockers are located on the lower level of the Campus Center. Commuting students may choose a locker to occupy for the entire academic year. You can sign-up for your locker and receive an approved padlock from the Student Life Office. Lockers must be emptied at the end of the Spring semester or the lock will be clipped and contents will be emptied out. Also, any lockers without a Student Life-issued padlock will have the lock clipped and contents emptied out.


All undergraduate commuters are assigned an on-campus student mailbox. These mailboxes are located in the Student Center. Commuters may pick up their on campus mailbox keys from the Office of Residence Life at the beginning of each semester. Students are strongly encouraged to check their on-campus mail, as many important documents are sent to their on-campus mailboxes as opposed to their home address.


Commuting students may put money onto their Wheelock ID card through dining services for use at either the Peabody Dining Hall or The Riverway Cafe. Money is then deducted from the deposited balance with each use. For information on dining hall and cafe hours of operation, please contact Sodexho at 617-879-2404.

For a complete description of the Sodexho dining services meals and meal plans, go to the dining services website.

Public Transportation

Wheelock College is conveniently located just a block away from the Fenway T stop on the Green Line. For a map and schedule of the T, visit the MBTA's website.

Each semester, students are offered an 11 percent discount on monthly T-Passes. There are strict deadlines set by the MBTA when these forms are due. Please contact the Student Development Office for details.


Due to limited parking spaces on campus, students are not permitted to park in any of the on-campus lots unless they have purchased a parking permit. Students with permits may only park on campus between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Students may also take advantage of the numerous parking and transportation options available through MASCO, of which Wheelock is a part. For information on parking and shuttle bus services, visit MASCO's website.

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