Public Relations Guidelines for Staff


The Public Relations Team works under the Office of Government & External Affairs, and Strategic Partnerships (OGEA & SP). Its role is to promote Wheelock College and the expertise encompassed by its experts. The OGEA & SP works to:

  • Identify, build, broker and nurture external institutional relationships.
  • Manage public-relations-seeking opportunities that further position Wheelock and its experts.
  • Engage internal and external audiences by identifying strategic partnerships.

The Public Relations Team collaborates with others across the institution to help position Wheelock, promoting its best assets to the public at large via television, print, online and social media. Public Relations coordinates with the Marketing department to ensure alignment and consistency.

Partnering with Public Relations at Wheelock

  • When planning an event.
  • When you have research to share, media story idea and/or an expertise you think is a good response to an issue in the media.
  • When you have a student, project and/or an opportunity that the world ought to know about and is aligned with Wheelock's mission.

The Public Relations Team provides the following services to the Wheelock College community:

External Communications & Community Relations

  • Calendar listings to Wheelock and the community: listing on Wheelock's calendar: If possible, submit an event at least 7 days prior to the event date.
  • Promotional flyers can be created to distribute by hand, email and/or post on website.

Media Relations

  • Press Releases: the Public Relations Team drafts press releases for notable accomplishments, events, new programs, appointments, and other highlights from Wheelock and distributes to the appropriate media outlets. Recent releases include:
    • Continuous coverage of our work on, including coverage of the Capital Campaign.
    • Students on Dean's list covered by all Patch (local) media including; Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville.
    • Faculty quoted in the press regularly.
    • Television coverage of Diane Levin's work, Passion for Action Scholars, Mattahunt and Science education (Ch. 7-Urban Update; NECN; MSNBC).
    • Ethnic specific media coverage (El Planeta, The Banner, Haitian Reporter, El Mundo).
  • Emergency PR services when necessary: the Public Relations Team will lead you through best practices and coaching for handling possible negative situations. Please proactively contact Marta Rosa the moment a possible situation arises to allow us to put a response plan into action quickly.

Internal Information/Services

  • Media coaching (as needed) -- guidance on best practices and preparation for interviews.
  • Strategic thinking regarding opportunities -- providing cohesive plans for publicity.
  • Public Relations support on direction and management of PR opportunities.

The Public Relations Team at Wheelock

The PR Team consists of:

Marta RosaMarta T. Rosa
Senior Executive Director of Government & External Affairs and Strategic Partnerships; Chief Diversity Officer, provides leadership and oversight



Beth KaplanBeth Kaplan
Communications and External Affairs Manager



How do you know something is newsworthy?

  • Local: Most news organizations cover a specific geographic range.
  • Extremes or superlatives: the first, the last, the best, the worst, the biggest, the smallest. If your story contains one, highlighting it will usually make it more newsworthy.
  • New: News stories have to answer the question, "why now?" or "so what?" Stories that are considered "old news"  or just not that interesting often will not receive coverage.
  • Timely and Relevant: Timely stories, often about an upcoming event, are often considered newsworthy, as are stories relevant to the news organization's specialty.
  • David vs. Goliath: In many stories, there is a "big guy" and a "little guy."
  • Surprising: Stories with an unexpected hook.

Key Messages to incorporate into interviews

  • Unique Mission
    • To improve the lives of children and families.
    • Now in its 125 Year of Inspiring a World of Good.
  • Brand Campaign "Are you tough enough to inspire a world of good?"
    • Helping others often requires an inner strength. It takes resilience, persistence, and patience to help a child learn to read, bring a family back together, or steer a teenager back on track. Yet there is no work more important, or rewarding
    • Being strong enough, bold enough, tough enough is about being positive, persistent, patient, and resilient enough to make a difference.
  • Core Values
    • Student success is our success.
    • Learning, leading, innovating together.
    • Real world. Real experience. Real education.
  • International focus
    • Promote responsible and effective child- and family-focused research, policy, and practice around the world.
    • Global Challenges and Opportunities Facing Children, Youth and Families Conference.
  • Innovation
    • Continuing Lucy Wheelock's tradition of innovation, Wheelock is growing global partnerships, building the Center for Learning and Innovation, developing tech-enabled learning and more.

Wheelock Expert Data Base

This data base is an invaluable tool for our PR efforts. It was developed primarily to better facilitate our ability to connect reporters/journalists to Wheelock College experts.  Included in this data base are profiles of Wheelock faculty and staff members featuring scholarship, research, important achievements and areas of expertise.

It is an easy process to get setup in the data base. Wheelock Communications Manager Beth Kaplan will serve as your contact for facilitating the process to enter in your information or any troubleshooting.  Your information will not go live until you feel comfortable with it. You can reach her at:

Beth Kaplan

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