Latino Immigrants Inventing the Future

    January 30, 2014


    What do Gloria Estefan, Carlos Slim, Carolina Herrera, Juan Enriquez Cabot, and Cesar Conde have in common? All of these influential Hispanics contribute to the innovation economy. They are entrepreneurs who have found new ways to create value out of invention, and have served unmet needs and created value for the people who work in their organizations and for their investors. Entrepreneurs are the engine of the American economy. Entrepreneurs lead firms across different fields, they operate on scales large and small.

    Their role is particularly important as a growing share of our economy depends on innovation. They are critical to future U.S. economic competitiveness and to job growth. Increasingly, technology and the availability of capital provide small entrepreneurs unprecedented opportunities to generate innovation. Latinos, particularly immigrants and their children, provide a rich reservoir of entrepreneurial talent. Parents must recognize entrepreneurship traits in their children and facilitate opportunities for them to develop those skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities.

    Structure In Place
    The U.S. economic and legal frameworks, as well as the cultural ethos that values and encourages initiative are particularly favorable to entrepreneurs. This is why many immigrants see the United States as a country of opportunity, a country where talent, hard work and ingenuity can be rewarded with success. Parents can and should cultivate that talent in their children- to develop habits of hard work that are rewarded with recognition, and to provide all kinds of opportunities for Latino youth to develop and focus on that part of their education so our youth strengthen their roles as entrepreneurs.

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