January 2015

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Half Year 2015: Diversity and Fellowship Through the Arts

This year's Half Year will focus on social justice issues through the lens of visual art, theater, poetry, dance, and music.

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State Grant for Early College Program

The Aspire Institute, in collaboration with Salem State University and Boston International Newcomers Academy, received funding from Massachusetts for an early college high school program.

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Military Counseling Certificate Offered

Wheelock will offer a certificate program to prepare Post-Baccalaureate graduates to establish relationships with veterans and their family members in a culturally sensitive manner. Classes begin Feb. 3.

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Stand Up, Speak Out Website Launched

Wheelock student Rachel Copans launched a new website designed to raise awareness about bullying and to provide support and encouragement for children.

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2015 Marjorie Wolf Memorial Grant

Each year, the Wheelock College Alumni Association Endowment Fund provides grants to help alumni develop and/or complete a clearly defined project or idea that relates to Wheelock’s mission to improve the lives of children and families. The Alumni Association is currently accepting applications for the 2015 Marjorie Wolf Memorial Grants.

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The 2014 Edgar Klugman Award Goes to the City of Cambridge

The Edgar Klugman Award, honors those who have distinguished themselves in the fields of research, policy and practice, service, scholarship, and leadership. In December, Klugman presented the 2014 Edgar Klugman Award to the City of Cambridge for the work of its Healthy Parks & Playgrounds Task Force.

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Call for Nominations for the Alumni Association Board

A committee will be forming this month to consider nominations for board positions for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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