Nov. - Dec. 2012
Xernona and the Grand Dragon to Tour

The Middle School Race Amity Theater Project announced that this spring it will offer a touring performance of Xernona and the Grand Dragon X to Metro Boston school districts and communities. This will be in addition to the spring matinee field trips at Wheelock Family Theater that are offered to Boston area middle schools. Xernona and the Grand Dragon X is an original one act play commissioned by NCRA and developed in collaboration with playwright Jacqui Parker. The play is the improbable real life story of the surprising friendship between Xernona Clayton, a civil rights leader working with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Grand Dragon of the Georgia KKK. To discuss bringing Xernona and the Grand Dragon X to your community or have a middle school attend a matinee in the spring contact For general information and to see clips of the play go to

NCRA Supports Local Academic and Athletic Program

Over the past two years, NCRA, at the request of Jillian Smith, Athletic Coordinator for the Dorchester High Complex (comprised of Tech Boston Academy and Dorchester Academy), has supported efforts to increase the academic success of student athletes. NCRA asked several local business leaders to give support to the Bear Zone after school tutorial program for athletes and other students. Several businesses have donated money and tickets to local professional sporting events as awards to students who excel in the Bear Zone Program. This fall the Dorchester Bears ended the football season 10 and 0 and are the Boston City Champions. To congratulate the team NCRA asked Henry Thomas, an NCRA ally who is Chair of the U Mass Board of Trustees, to help get some specially priced tickets that NCRA could purchase for the U Mass vs. Buffalo game at Gillette Stadium for the team and coaching staff. The Dorchester Bears arrived with incredible excitement and enthusiasm for the experience as they marched down to their premium, heavily discounted seats. The young men were stately in their carriage and pride and between quiet whispers of "I can't believe I'm in the Razor"(Gillette Stadium) they hooted and cheered a loosing U Mass effort. They were the delight of the Section 105 as a shout out on the Jumbo Tron posted CONGRATULATIONS DORCHESTER BEARS! This development is treasured as the team is from the poorest part of Boston with the highest homicide rate. At the game they exhibited princely character and unbridled adolescent joy. Their academic performance off the field contributes to the Tech Boston Academy sector in the Dorchester Complex having a 98% graduation rate and 92.6% college enrollment rate. Go Bears!

Dorchester Bears and NCRA Executive Director William "Smitty" Smith at Gillette Stadium

RADD November Session Review

A Stronger Kinship Shared at November RADD

The November Race Amity Devotions and Dialogue (RADD) participants enjoyed a wonderful lunch and were welcomed by co-host Adrienne Kisner, Director of the Wheelock Office of Spiritual Life. First time and regular attendees were introduced to devotional leader Colette Phillips of Unity in the Community Church. She is also President and CEO of Colette Phillips Global Communications. Among the thoughts shared in her devotional remarks Ms. Phillips offered that spirituality was the commonality of the gathering and that regardless of the outward faith labels of attendees we should cherish that core commonality. The dialogue session was introduced by William "Smitty" Smith who shared greetings emailed by A Stronger Kinship author, Dr. Anna Lisa Cox. Cox's email encouraged group participants to email her at with questions and comments from reading the book. The larger gathering was split into two discussion groups led by Rebecca Rowley and William "Smitty" Smith. At the end of the spirited discussions the group gathered for the Race Amity Prize drawing which is the closing activity at the RADD sessions. Prizewinners were Judy Barnett and Rebecca Rowley who will each bring a friend as they take in Pippin at the American Repertory Theater. The other prize winners were devotion leader Collette Phillips and Vonne Carter who received gift certificates for themselves and a friend so they can meet for a meal at Bertucci's Restaurant.

Colette Phillips, Vice Chair, Unity in the
Community Church leads devotional session

Donna McDaniel of Framingham Friends
Community selects from luncehon buffet

RADD co-host and Director of Wheelock Office
for Spiritual Life, Adrienne Kisner (r) listens to
Kathy Felgran share her thoughts


Regular RADD participant Jack Rummel offers
his view during the dialogue session

Courtney Tunis shares her views as George
Campbell looks for passage in A Stronger Kinship

Judy Burnette smiles upon winning prize
in Amity Gift Drawing

RADD December Session   RADD January Session


43 Hawes St, Brookline, MA 02446

Mississippi Learnings

Film Excerpts from the
2012 National Race Amity Conference

RSVP by Tuesday, December 17

The William Winter Institute for Race Reconciliation at the University in Mississippi pro-vides an oasis of amity in the heart of a state known for its violent opposition to nonwhites. These excerpts offer insight to and prompt questions and discussion through serious and humorous commentaries by the Winter Institute Director, Dr. Susan Glisson and Associate Director Charles Tucker. They speak candidly about the challenges in Mississippi and America and present a platform for viewer introspection.



43 Hawes St, Brookline, MA 02446

Dialogue and Discussion on the book,

Longing, Stories of Racial Healing

by Phyllis and Gene Unterschuetz

RSVP by Monday, January 14, 2013

The January RADD session will be on the book Longing, Stories of Racial Healing by Phyllis and Eugene Unterschuetz. A limited number of copies are available at the discounted price of $10 ( reg $15) while they last. Copies will be available for purchase at the December 19 session. Those wishing to have one reserved to be mailed or picked up at another time can call 617-879-2025

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