Interlibrary Loan

Place a FLO book request
Use the Book Request Form for physical items not in FLO
Use the Article Request Form for articles or book chapters not at Wheelock
Which Request Do I Use?

General Policy

Wheelock College Library is committed to providing patrons with the resources that they need regardless of whether the Library owns the resources or needs to facilitate borrowing them from another library through interlibrary loan (ILL).

The following policy will guide the fulfilling of ILL requests to ensure equitable access to all Wheelock patrons requiring this service:

The Library will first attempt to fill requests placed by patrons using free lenders. When a free lender does not exist, staff will verify that the patron needs the particular resource, that a substitute resource is not sufficient, and that the item can be reasonably obtained by the time the patron needs it. If a non-free lender is used, the Library will absorb the cost except in circumstances where the cost of the resource or the frequency of non-free loan requests by an individual patron is determined to be excessive. In these cases, staff will work to accommodate the patron’s need in a fiscally responsible way.

Who can make requests?

  • Current students, faculty, staff, and administrators of the College
  • Students and faculty in Community programs who are able to get to the Boston campus
  • Students in International, Online and Off Campus programs requesting articles and book chapters that the Library can reasonably provide electronically

Who CANNOT make requests?

  • Alumni; guest borrowers; community members
  • Students in International, Online and Off Campus programs, or those in Community programs not near the Boston campus  requesting physical copies of items should use the Interlibrary Loan services available through their local public and/or affiliate libraries.


  • Most items arrive in 3-5 business days, but some could take 2 to 4 weeks depending on availability. You will be notified when your items are available.
  • Articles will be delivered by email as PDFs whenever possible.
  • Books, articles sent in print format due to publisher restrictions, and all other ILL items need to be picked up at the Service Desk.  
  • Faculty, staff, and administrators may request that items be sent via campus mail to their offices.

Quick Facts

Is there a limit? Requests are limited to 7 items per person per week.

Generally available: Books, articles, kits and curriculum materials, music CDs, and films.

Typically unavailable: Theses and dissertations, tests, reference books, rare books, software, and most other materials, though every effort will be made to borrow needed material.

Returns: Books and other materials should be returned to the Service Desk. Articles do not need to be returned.

Renewals: Due dates are set by the lending libraries and renewals are not always possible. If you need a renewal, please contact the ILL Desk at before the item is due.

If you have any questions or need assistance, call 617-879-2222, or come to the Service Desk.

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