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Library Compact

The Wheelock College Library works hard to serve the diverse academic needs of the community.

With your cooperation, we can provide:

A welcoming environment where you can study and collaborate.

What this means

  • Floors dedicated to quiet study and collaborative work
  • Headphones available to Wheelock patrons at the Service Desk
  • Staff present to maintain the Library environment, including Quiet Zones

How to get it

  • Be respectful of those around you and keep conversations quiet
  • Take your cell phone conversations to the stairway or out of the Library
  • Wear headphones when watching videos or listening to music  
  • Use the following areas for collaborative work:
    • Floors 1, 1M, 2, 2M and 3
    • Conference/group study rooms on 2M and 3M
    • Basement computer labs on the Lower Level
  • Use the Quiet Zones on the following floors for individual study:
    • 3M, 4, 4M
  • Help us keep the Library clean - there are trash receptacles and recycling bins throughout the building. As they say: "Pitch in!"
  • Keep an eye on personal property, and report any lost items you find
  • Let us know if you feel someone is not meeting these expectations

Access to Library resources and assistance from Library staff members

What this means

  • Library materials and spaces that are clean and easy to find
  • Staff presence to assist you with your resource needs
  • Multiple ways to contact staff and send feedback

How to get it

  • Treat Library items with care
  • Return all circulating items by their due dates
  • Keep reserves, headphones and other in-Library-use items in the Library
  • Instead of re-shelving items yourself, bring them to the Service Desk and we will gladly put them away for you
  • Save personal files to a portable storage device, not on Library computers
  • Help us go green by printing and copying only what you need for class

Print out a version of the Library Compact (pdf).

For the complete Wheelock College Library Code of Conduct, visit the Service Desk or the Library's Code of Conduct page.

Wheelock College Library
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