Close-up of a course reserve book being handed to a patron.

Course Reserves

Every semester, the Library offers a physical collection of reserve materials used in classroom instruction.  Course Reserves are a vital part of the library's services, as they ensure that students will have access to assigned readings and course materials throughout the semester.

Before making a reserve request

  • Is the material you want to use protected by copyright? The Digital Copyright Slider can help you find out. 
  • Is your use of the material "fair use"? Only you can decide. The Fair Use Evaluator can help. 
  • Please note that faculty are responsible for ensuring that their uses of instructional materials are consistent with United States copyright laws and guidelines. 
    • The library gladly works with faculty to arrange for access to materials from our collections. For materials to which the library does not provide access via ownership or licensing, librarians can also work with faculty to clarify options for access and/or locate copyright holders. The responsibility for securing rights and ensuring appropriate use, however, remains with the instructor.
  • Due to copyright considerations, the library is no longer offering print article reserve services and encourages faculty to post instruction materials to Moodle or online course pages, which is permissible under the following conditions (list adapted from Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office):  
    • The faculty member is the copyright owner of the material;
    • The material is made available by LINKING to, for instance, our library's full-text databases;
    • The copyright owner of the material grants permission;
    • The material has been designated open access by the copyright owner;
    • The material is in the public domain; or
    • The use intended of the material falls within fair use under copyright law or under another copyright exception.
  • As a best practice, materials posted on a course management system or an online course website should contain complete citation information to the original material and a copyright notice that cautions against further electronic distribution.
  • See our Copyright and Fair Use page for more information.

Making a reserve request

  • Use the online reserve request form to request books, films and other physical materials be placed on reserve.
  • Please submit one form per course. Limit your list to no more than 30 items per course. 
  • Get requests in early!  Requests will be processed in the order they are received.
    • Please note that once the semester begins, reserve requests will take additional time to process. Indicate on the form if any materials are needed in the first month of the semester to expedite their processing. 

About the course reserves process

  • Once we receive your request, we will first determine whether the library currently owns the item(s).
    • Items currently owned by the library will be placed on reserve.
    • Items not currently owned by the library will be assessed for purchase using our collection development policies.
    • Materials not owned by Wheelock College Library or the instructor, will not be requested via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Items borrowed through ILL cannot be placed on print reserves.
  • You will be notified once your reserve requests are processed.  The current reserves list for your course can be viewed using our course reserves search.  You can also access the link from the search box on the Library homepage under the tab, Books & More.
  • The normal checkout period for reserves is 3 hours, in-library use only. 

Putting personal items on reserve at the library

  • If the library does not already own the materials you need for your courses, we will consider purchasing them for the collection in according with our collection development policy, especially if you anticipate using them in regularly taught courses. In some cases though, you may choose to place physical personal items on reserve at the library.
    • These items will also be available for check out for 3 hours, in-library use only.  
    • Please note that the Library does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged personal items. 
  • Personal items may be dropped off at the Service Desk or sent to the Library via campus mail.  Please include the following information with mailed items: 
    • your name
    • the course name and/or number
    • the semester when the course is running
  • Items are typically removed from reserve after final exams are finished.  If you wish to take a personal item off reserve early, please contact at least one day in advance, so we can process your request. At the end of the semester, you may pick up your personal copies at the library desk or ask us to send them to your office via campus mail.  

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