The Earl Center is committed to providing a wide range of digital and computing technologies. Its tech-enabled environment, along with its growing program of technology lending, greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for the Wheelock community.

Technology to Borrow

macbook air and ipad 4

Laptops and Tablets

10 iPads and 5 laptops available for 2 hour loans.




A 3D printing pen that allows you to "write" what you want to make in 3D space.


Arduino Kit

Microcontroller for building digital devices.  1 week checkout.



Innovation Collection

Kindles preloaded with technology-focused ebooks

12w mac charger

Mac Chargers

12w power adapters (used for Macbook Airs). 2 hour checkout.

MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey Kit

Connect everyday objects to computer programs.  1 week checkout.

OSMO system


A gaming accessory for the iPad for word, math, and art activities.  Learn about practical applications.

raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi Kit

Single-board computer.  1 week checkout.

image of playtouch camera

Tech Lending at the Library

AV equipment and laptop/projector sets.

Technology for Use Within the Earl Center

video wall

Tech in the Earl Environment

From power-enabled tables to touch screen technology.

NVPro 3D Printer

3D Printing

Ask for a demonstration anytime!

xbox 360


Play Minecraft and other XBox 360 games and learn about gaming in education.

img of Huion LED tracing board


A useful tool to help with tracing and sketching.  3-hour checkout for use within the Earl Center.

printer-copier machine

Printing and Copying

We are on the same printing system as the Library.  Refer to the Library's Printing Page.  

silhouette cameo

Silhouette Cameo

Cut out any design - no matter how intricate.  Appointment is recommended for first-time users.

Wheelock College Library
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Earl Center for Learning and Innovation
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