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Borrowing Policies

Who can borrow from the Earl Center?
  • Wheelock Faculty
  • Wheelock Staff
  • Wheelock Students (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Wheelock Alumni
  • Fenway Libraries Online (FLO) students, faculty, and staff
  • Fenway Library Consortium (FLC) students, faculty, and staff
  • Guests with a Wheelock Library Card
What can I take out of the Earl Center, and for how long?

Almost all of our items can be checked out. Individually barcoded items are checked out just like Library books. Items without their own barcodes can be checked out using our Build-A-Kit system: patrons check out a bag, put the borrowed items in the bag, and the transaction is recorded by the circulation desk.

All items in the Earl Center can be checked out for 1 week, with the option to renew for 1 additional week. 

All arts and craft supplies, except for items purchased from the main desk, must remain in the Earl Center while in use. 

How do I renew items?
  • Online 
    Go to My Account in the online catalog.
  • By phone 
    Call the Earl Center at 617-879-2143.
  • In person 
    Stop by the Earl Center.
Overdue Items

If you keep an item for longer than its stated loan period, you will receive overdue notices via email until the item is returned.

We do not charge overdue fees, but once an item has been overdue for two months it is automatically considered lost and replacement fees are applied. All fees are waived once the item is returned.

If you lose or damage an item, you will be billed for the full replacement cost. Please contact the Earl Center,, if you have any questions.