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Earl Center front view


The Earl Center is located at 180 Riverway, Boston, Massachusetts. For complete directions on how to get to the Wheelock College campus, visit Wheelock's Directions to Wheelock College page

The Earl Center is not very visible from 180 Riverway.  See location E on the campus map for a better idea of where it is located.  We recommend approaching the Earl Center from Pilgrim Road.  Using the address of 55 Pilgrim Rd with a GPS or Google maps will bring you right to the Earl Center.  This is also a better drop-off location if you are arriving by taxi.

To walk to the Earl Center from Riverway, turn left into the path between 162 Riverway (Riverway House) and 200 Riverway (Wheelock Family Theatre). Then take another left.  The Earl Center will be on your right. 


Parking is generally unavailable on campus and spaces around the neighborhood are also very limited.  Visitors are encouraged to take public transportation or park in one of the private parking garages in the area.