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Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 11 p.m.
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Earl Center for Learning and Innovation
180 Riverway
Boston, Massachusetts

Mare Parker O'Toole
Assistant Director, Earl Center for Learning & Innovation

The Earl Center Presents...

raspberry pi

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost palm-sized computer that was designed to teach computer concepts to children. It plugs into an HDMI TV monitor and uses a standard keyboard and mouse.  It uses a Linux operating system for web browsing, and learning Scratch and Python programming. It can run a number of alternate operating systems that enable it to become an entire media center.  You can explore the Raspberry Pi at the Earl Center.  Keep up with the kids!


Earl Innovation Day

Attend One or More of These Exciting Sessions

March 5 - Wheelock College Earl Center

This year we will be hosting the first Earl Center for Learning and Innovation, Innovation Day. This day is designed to talk about new ways to think about higher education and all that is new and changing in the higher education landscape.This inaugural event will cover presentations that include how college’s “thrive” in this new environment, the changing nature of earning a reputation and building a brand, new academic approaches including competency based models and changes in the classroom, as well as a highlight of what is happening in new hands on learning environments including maker spaces.


For the entire event schedule: