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Student Life and Activities Collection

Title: Student Life and Activities Collection
Date: 1883 – on-going
Quantity: approximately 6.2 cubic feet, 7.85 linear feet (12 document boxes, 3 oversize boxes)
Collection Number: 13

Access to the collection is unlimited. Researchers are allowed to view all pieces of the collection. The archives are open by appointment only. Call the Reference Librarian at (617) 879-2222 to make an appointment.


Requests to publish material from the collection should be submitted to the Library Director.


The collection was the donation of Wheelock alumnae, faculty, and staff.

Processing Information:

The collection was re-processed and updated by Abigail Blachly in 2004. The collection was initially organized by Theresa B. Davitt. The collection was rearranged based on archival principles. Accession correspondence as well as inquiries into information from the archives were removed from the collection. Acidic materials such as newsprint were photocopied onto acid-free paper and then discarded unless the original had some intrinsic value.


The following catalog entries provide controlled subject access to the collection. All these entries are searchable in the Wheelock College Library’s online catalog to find materials of related interest.

  • Wheelock, Lucy, 1857-1946.
  • Wheelock College--Students.
  • Wheelock College--Alumni and alumnae.
  • Student life and customs.


Lucy Wheelock founded Wheelock College in 1888 to provide education for teachers of young children. The first school was located at Chauncy-Hall in Boston's Copley Square. In 1896, the school moved to 284 Dartmouth Street and in 1904 relocated to 134 Newbury Street. In 1914 it moved to a new building on the Riverway with dormitories and a dining hall. By 1940 there were 5 dorms.

The Wheelock Guild was formed in 1916 to "foster the right school spirit" and it included the Music, Drama, Literary, and Athletic Guilds as well as other subgroups. The Student Government Association was founded in 1922/23. Other clubs included the Association for Childhood Education, the Student League, and the Drama and Glee Clubs. The yearbook, The Wheel, was first published in 1914. Other publications included a literary magazine, The Key, and the Fliterary. Students participated in various activities such as the Fall Frolic, Birthday Dinners, May Day, the Prom and Father's Weekend.

Today there are 5 residence halls and the College Center houses the Student Development and Activities offices as well as the Athletics Department, Residence Life office and the Student Government Association and students participate in a variety of activities including those documented in the All-College Events and Programs files.


Organized into the following series: A. Dormitories; B. Student organizations (arranged into 5 subseries: I. Performance Groups, II. Government, III. Publications, IV. Other Events and Activities, V. Sports, Athletics, and Fitness – Wheelock Wildcats); C. Student work (arranged into 2 subseries: I. 1883-1942; II. 1972-ongoing).

The collection includes minutes, bylaws and constitution, scrapbooks, brochures, newspaper clippings, and programs of Wheelock Guild activities as well as those of the Glee Club, Dance Club, Dramatic Clubs and other groups. There are Student Government Association and honor code handbooks and the constitution. There are dormitory house rules, photographs, scrapbooks and other memorabilia. You will also find yearbook and literary publication correspondence and other documents as well as the Wheelock song and class poem.

In the student work collection there are notebooks, art work, papers from classes including those taught by Lucy Wheelock and Susan Harriman. There are works on Froebel's Mother Play as well as on the gifts and occupations. Collections include those of Dorothy Burr Benton, Dorothy Riesel Batdorf, Mary Evangeline Mason, Grace Poole and other alumni. Additionally, there are papers from the Seminar in the Humanities as well as Linda Banks-Santille's paper on Lucy Wheelock.

    • Subseries I: Performance Groups
    • Subseries II: Government
    • Subseries III: Publications
    • Subseries IV: Other Events and Activities
    • Subseries V: Sports, Athletics, and Fitness – Wheelock Wildcats
    • Subseries I: 1883 – 1942
    • Subseries II: 1972 -
Please note: Hum. 401/250 papers are kept downstairs at the circulation desk.

Box 1

  • Colchester House-Cookbook, 1998
  • Colchester House-History, 1978
  • Dormitory Rules and Regulations, n.d.
  • Longwood House, n.d.
  • Marenholz House, c.1905-1906, and circa 1911
  • Residence Life Office-“Fresh Start: Living with Others,” n.d.
  • Reunion-“Recapture the Spirit,” 1994
  • Senion House (39 Pilgrim Road)-Sign Out Book, 1933
  • Scrapbook,” Monmouth House-Brookline, Massachusetts,” 1945-1951, Box 8

Subseries I: Performance Groups
  • Children’s Theater: Correspondence, 1946-1953
  • Children’s Theater: Programs, 1953- 1966, n.d.
  • Class Plays: Commencement Program,1919
  • Class Plays: Freshman Programs, 1954, n.d.
  • Class Plays: Junior Programs, 1911, 1923
  • Class Plays: Senior Programs, 1920-1923
  • Cultural Affairs Committee, 1972
  • Dance Club: News Clippings, 1951, 1954
  • Dance Club: Programs, 1958-1961
  • Drama Club: Dinner Program, c. 1964
  • Drama Club: Scrapbook, 1945-1952
  • Dramatic Club: Correspondence, 1946, 1951, n.d.
  • Dramatic Club: May Day Committee Program, n.d.
  • Dramatic Club: Programs, 1948-1966
  • Dramatic Club: Publicity, 1946-1955
  • Dramatic Club: Rules and By-Laws, 1952, 1960
  • Dramatic Guild: Programs, 1918, 1931, 1934, n.d.
  • Glee Club: Combined Concert and Dance, 1932
  • Glee Club: News Clippings, 1946-1969
  • Glee Club: Programs, c. 1918-1968
  • Film Committee, c. 1971
  • Music and Dramatic Guilds: Programs, 1939, n.d.
  • Musical Guild: Programs. 1926, 1940-1941
  • Orchestra and Other Ensembles, c. 1961-1968
  • Theater Club: Programs, c. 1962-1974
  • Wheelock Guild: Christmas Service Programs, n.d.
Box 2
  • Wheelock Guild: Meeting Minutes, 1916-1925

Subseries II: Government

  • Announcement-New Club Space, 1995
  • Code of Conduct, n.d.
  • Handbooks, 1932-1933, 1971-1972, 1985
  • News Clippings, 1952-1953
  • "Policies and Procedures Manual and Leadership Handbook for all Clubs, Organizations and Houses," 1994
  • Student Constitution, 1973-1974
  • "Study of Wheelock College Community Action," 1957

Subseries III: Publications

  • Student Newsletter-Correspondence and Memos, 1969-1974
  • "The Same Difference," 1990
  • "The Spoke"-Correspondence and Memos, 1967-1968
  • Wheel Production Publication, 1941-1942

Subseries IV: Other Events and Activities

  • African, Hispanic, Asian and Native American (AHANA), c. 1994
  • Association for Childhood Education (Wheelock Chapter), 1946
  • Child Life Organization, 2009
  • Graduate School Survival Package, n.d.
  • “Handbook for Wheelock Student Organizations,” 1990-1991
  • “Newsletter for Parents of Wheelock College Freshman,” 1987
  • Orientation-Freshman and New Students, 1989-2003
  • P.A.Y. Foundation, 2009
  • Student Activities Calendars, 1987-1990
  • Summer Resource Book, 1994
  • Tri-College Activities Committee, 1972
  • Wheelock College Song, Class Poem and Hymn, 1899-1955
  • Wheelock GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), First Annual Drag Show with the Kinsey Sicks, February 26, 2009
  • Wheelock Humanities Club, 1997
  • Wheelock Senior Class Gift, Information, 2009

Subseries V: Sports, Athletics, and Fitness – Wheelock Wildcats

  • Flyers and Announcements, 2009-
  • Newspaper Clippings, 2011-
  • Weekly Wildcat Updates, 2008-

Box 3

        Subseries I: 1883 – 1942

  • Adams, Ruth Alden (Jones) c. 1913
  • Bailer, undated
  • Batdorf, Dorothy Riesel, “Elocution Notes,” 1922
  • Batdorf, Dorothy Riesel, “Painting Book,” 1923
  • Batdorf, Dorothy, Riesel, “Paper Cutting Book,” 1923
  • Batdorf, Dorothy Riesel, “School Days”
  • Batdorf, Dorothy Riesel, “Wheelock 1923-Mrs. Harriman,” 1923, Box 9
  • Benton, Dorothy Burr—Artwork, Sketches, etc., c.1910
  • Benton, Dorothy Burr, “Gift Notebook,” c.1910
  • Benton, Dorothy Burr, “Mother Play,” c.1910
  • Benton, Dorothy Burr, “Programme,” c.1910
  • Benton, Dorothy Burr--Untitled Notebook, c.1910
  • Bissell, Sarah, “Compositions,” undated
  • Bradley, Marion E., “Notes on Kindergarten Program,” 1909
  • Bradley, Marion E-- Psychology Notebooks, c. 1909
  • Bradley, Marion E.-- Untitled Notebooks, c.1909 Box 4
  • Bradley, Marion E-- Untitled Notebooks, c. 1909
  • Buschmann, A. and B. Doubtfire, “Speilgraten,” undated, Box 9
  • Eaton, M. Francis—Daily Records , Kindergarten Room, Cushman School Building, 1883
  • Freedman, Alberta. "Music in the Nursery School and Kindergarten," undated
  • Gillete, Alfred (Mrs.) – Gift Notebook, 1917
  • Holmes, Helen and Lois Brant, “Playtime Nursery-Ogunquit, ME,” 1934, Box 9 (2 copies)
  • Lamson, Jean (Warner) -- Child Study, undated
  • Lamson, Jean (Warner) “Mother Play.” c.1928,
  • Lee, Josephine B., “Mother Play,” undated, Box 9
  • Lovett, Marnie F. – Untitled Notebook, undated
  • Lovett, Martha., "Gift Notebook,” undated
  • Lovett, M. F., “Songs for the Kindergarten,” undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline, “Cut-Outs,” undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline, “ Essays and Notes, undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline, “Five Days Program and Suggestions,” undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline, “ Folding,” undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline, “ Games with Miss Clifford (at the Wheelock Training School), undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline, “History of Education,” undated Box 5
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline, “Kindergarten Work,” undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline – Notebook (Trees), undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline – Patterns, undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline – Sketches (Trees), undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline – Student Letter, 1908
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline – Student Work, undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline – Student Work for Mrs. Harriman, undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline – Student Work, Lucy Wheelock, undated
  • Mason, Mary Evangeline – Student Work, Mother Plays and Occupations, undated
  • Moore, Mary R., “Gift Notebook,” undated
  • Munro, Elizabeth Jane, “The Pigeon House by Friedrich Froebel,” undated
  • Poole, Grace, “Memorandum Notebook,” 1906
  • Poole, Grace, “Mother Play” and “Programs,” undated
  • Poole, Grace, “Program,” undated, Box 11
  • Putnam, Constance, “Babyland,” c. 1929, Box 11
  • Putnam, Constance, “Mother Play,” c. 1929, Box 11
  • Putnam, Constance, “Paper Folding,” c. 1929, Box 11
  • Randall, M. Louise, “Gift Notebook,” undated
  • Seager, Mary Elizabeth, “Review of Froebel’s Mother Play,” 1925, Box 10 Box 6
  • Smith, Mildred – Notebook, undated
  • Smith Mildred, “Psychology,” 1911
  • Staples, Florence H., “Mother Play,” 1928
  • Titus, Augusta, “Froebel Drawing,” 1904
  • Twining, Jessie Taylor – Papers, 1910-1911
  • Twining, Jessie Willard, “Gift Work,” undated
  • Unknown Author-Children’s Drawings on Cloth, undated
  • Unknown Author – Composition Notebook, undated
  • Unknown Author, “Cotton,” undated
  • Unknown Author, “Kindergarten Book,” undated, Box 11
  • Unknown Author, “Mother’s Meetings,” undated,
  • Unknown Author-Painting Book, undated, Box 10
  • Unknown Author, “Program,” undated, Box 10
  • Unknown Author, “Program,” undated, Box 10
  • Unknown Author – Versus, Stories, Poems, undated
  • Various Student Papers, 1911-1914, undated
  • Various Authors, “A Few Papers for Miss Wheelock,” undated, Box 10
  • Various Student Papers, 1911-1914, undated Box 7 Subseries II: 1974-2007
  • “ A Concert of Original Works,” Clarke, Lelann Owen, 1974
  • “Author Study,” – ED 638 Multicultural Children’s Literature, 1998
  • “Bibliotherapy,” Partnerships Program, 1996
  • Fall Family Weekend Speech, Cote, Laura, 2002
  • “The First Grade Learns about the Post Office,” Mauchan, Patricia, 1975
  • Koster Insurance Health Careers Scholarship Award Presentation, 2003
  • “The Life of Lucy Wheelock: Pioneer in the Kindergarten Movement,” Santilli-Banks, Linda, 1998
  • “Narratives from Experience,” English 101, 1985
  • Open House Speech, Holmes, Ashley, 2004
  • Seniors in the Humanities Research Projects, HUM 401, 1994-2005
  • Undergraduate Admissions Fall Open House, Myers, Melinda, 2003
  • Video of Froebel Toys Demonstration (?), Strzepka, Susan, 1991, undated
  • “Wavering,” Hatch, R. Robert, 1993
  • [Paper on the Impact of Froebel and Montessori Philosophies on the Work of Lucy Wheelock], Neier, Shelby, April 29, 2008
  • History 402: Black Power and the Black Panther Party – Student Presentations – Lucy Mock, Meghan Troland, Jessica Nickerson, Aimee Hamel, and Joseph Murphy, December 2008
  • School of Arts and Sciences – Student Scholarship Week, April 29 – May 5, 2009 – list of student presentations.
  • Birth to Three Final Portfolio Presentations, May 8, 2009
  • Curriculum Fair - Early Childhood Education, Student Teachers Exhibit their Curriculum Projects - May 5, 2009