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Records of Wheelock College Anniversaries

Title: Records of Wheelock College Anniversaries
Date: 1914 – on-going
Quantity: approximately 1.5 linear feet (2 document boxes, 1 oversized box)
Collection Number: 14

Access to the collection is unlimited. Researchers are allowed to view all pieces of the collection. The archive is open by appointment only. Call the Reference Librarian at (617) 879-2222 to make an appointment.


Requests to publish material from the collection should be submitted to the Library Director.


The collection was the donation of Wheelock faculty, staff, and alumnae.

Processing Information:

The collection was re-processed and updated by Adrienne Pruitt in 2005. The collection was initially organized by Theresa B. Davitt. The collection was rearranged based on archival principles. Accession correspondence as well as inquiries into information from the archives was removed from the collection. Acidic materials such as newsprint were photocopied onto acid-free paper and then discarded unless the original had some intrinsic value.


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  • Wheelock College – History.
  • Wheelock School – History.
  • Wheelock College – Anniversaries, etc.
  • Wheelock School – Anniversaries, etc.
  • Wheelock College – Alumni and alumnae.
  • Teachers colleges – Massachusetts.
  • Universities and colleges – Massachusetts.
  • Boston (Mass.) – Education.
  • Wheelock, Lucy, 1857-1946.


Lucy Wheelock founded the Wheelock Kindergarten Training School in 1888 to provide education for teachers of young children. Founder’s Day is celebrated in her honor on her birthday, February 1st. In 1914, to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the school, a dinner was held at the Somerset Hotel. The fiftieth anniversary marked several milestones in Wheelock’s history. At the banquet held at the Hotel Somerset on January 28th, 1939, the announcement was made that the School had been incorporated on a non-profit basis, and that Lucy Wheelock would retire as principle to become Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The Alumnae Association presented the School with a portrait of Miss Wheelock, and Mr. Arthur Lyman presented a deed to the property on which the Lucy Wheelock Child Centre would be built. Over six hundred guests gathered to pay tribute, and many more alumnae sent congratulatory telegrams and letters.

Wheelock’s seventy-fifth anniversary was commemorated with a gala dinner held at Hotel Statler Hilton on May 15, 1964. The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Fund Drive aimed to raise $1.75 million in 1963-64 to fund a new building, the Lucy Wheelock Memorial Auditorium (completed in 1965). In honor of this anniversary, Dr. Winifred E. Bain contributed her book Leadership in Childhood Education: Images and Realities: A History of Wheelock College1888-89 to 1963-64. Wheelock’s Centennial was celebrated with numerous events, including a “Spirit of Boston” clambake cruise which officially kicked off the celebrations in June 1988, as well as faculty forum lectures, receptions, and alumni night at the Wheelock Family Theatre. Faculty members published manuscripts on a variety of topics, and Elizabeth Ann Liddle edited Wheelock College 100 Years: 1888/9 – 1988/89.

The Alumni Association created the Centennial Alumni Awards to honor alumni who exemplified the mission of the college, and presented them to 65 alumni at the Centennial gala, held at the Children’s Museum on June 3, 1989. Wheelock’s anniversaries recognize Miss Wheelock’s pioneering work in the field of early childhood education and celebrate the College’s ongoing commitment to improving the lives of children and their families.


Wheelock College Anniversaries records are divided into nine series: I. Founder’s Day; II. Twenty-fifth Anniversaries; III. Thirty-fifth Anniversary; IV. Fortieth Anniversary; V. Fiftieth Anniversary (arranged into 3 subseries: 1. General records; 2. Photographs; 3. Artifacts); VI. Sixtieth Anniversary; VII. Seventy-fifth Anniversary; VIII. Ninetieth Anniversary; IX. Centennial (arranged into 4 subseries: 1. General records; 2. Faculty papers and centennial publications; 3. Centennial Campaign; 4. Artifacts).

The collection consists of programs, invitations, speeches, correspondence, newspaper clippings, press releases, guest lists, photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, and memorabilia relating to anniversary celebrations at Wheelock. Series VII and IX contain fundraising brochures and campaign reports. In addition, Series V includes congratulatory telegrams, one from actress Margaret Hamilton Meserve ’23, and a gold-embossed blue leather guest book embellished with original watercolors and bearing the autographs of those present at the fiftieth anniversary dinner.

Further information about alumni involvement in anniversary celebrations may be found in Collection 16D. Alumnae Association Events and Programs, Series IV: Anniversaries. The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Fund and the Centennial Campaign are both further documented in Collection 5. Development.

Box 1
Series I: Founder’s Day
  • Founder's Day Programs, Speeches, Clippings 1947-1968, 1989 -
  • Founder's Day, Correspondence, 1982-83, 2000

Series II: Twenty-Fifth Anniversaries
  • Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, 1914
  • Twenty-Fifth Anniversary - Graduate School, 1978

Series III: Thirty-Fifth Anniversary

  • Thirty-Fifth Anniversary, 1924

Series IV: Fortieth Anniversary

  • Fortieth Anniversary, 1929

Series V: Fiftieth Anniversary

        Subseries 1. General Records
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Addresses, 1939
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Addresses - Dr. Rollo G. Reynolds, 1939
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Clippings, 1939, n.d.
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Congratulatory Telegrams, 1939 (2 Folders)
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Correspondence, 1939
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Guestbook, 1939
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Guest List for Alumnae Dinner
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Invitations and tickets , 1939
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Press Release, 1939
  • Fiftieth Anniversary – Programs, 1939

Subseries 2. Photographs (Oversized Box B)

  • Photo-Fiftieth Anniversary Luncheon, June 3, 1939, (3 flat)
  • Photo-Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner, Jan. 28, 1939 (4 rolled copies & 2 flat)
  • Photo of Lucy Wheelock with Oscar Haussermann, Mary Miller '10 & Rollo G. Reynolds

Subseries 3. Artifacts (Box 3)

  • Blue leather bookmarks (15) 1939
  • Boxed set of Wheelock College playing cards, 1939?
  • Flags - for table decorations, 1939
  • Gold scarf "Anniversary Year," 1939?
  • Wheelock anniversary handkerchiefs (4) 1939?

Box 1

Series VI: Sixtieth Anniversary
  • Sixtieth Anniversary – Newspaper Clippings, 1949

Series VII: Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary – Clippings, 1963, n.d.
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary – "Drei Chore fur Frauenstimmen
  • Und Klavier" music by Friedrich Radermacher, Oversized Box
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary – Guest List for Banquet, 1964
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary – Invitations, 1963, 1964
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary – Planning and Record Book, 1963-64
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary – Programs, 1964
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary – Steering Committee, 1962-63
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary – Tape, 1964
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Fund – Brochures
  • Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Fund – Correspondence, 1964, n.d.

Series VIII: Ninetieth Anniversary
  • Ninetieth Anniversary Annual Fund - Brochure, 1978-79

Box 2
Series IX: Centennial
        Subseries 1. General Records

  • Centennial - Alumni Awards, program and clippings
  • Centennial – Alumni Awards, program, Oversized Box 3
  • Centennial – Calendar of Events, 1988-89
  • Centennial – Clippings
  • Centennial – Invitations and Announcements, 1989, n.d.
  • Centennial – Sponsors book
  • Centennial – Video, October 1987, Stack 4 Section 3
  • Centennial – Wheelock College Alumni Board Conference – “Meeting the Needs of Educators and Children in the '90s”memo, 1988

Subseries 2. Faculty Papers and Centennial Publications

  • Centennial - Faculty Papers - Correspondence, 1988
  • Centennial - Faculty Papers – “School's Out-Now What? Help Your Child Have a Fabulous Summer!,” Dr. Joan M. Bergstrom, 1988, (2 copies)
  • Centennial - Faculty Papers – “The Froebelian Kindergarten Movement, 1850-1880: An International Crusade for Political and Social Progress,” Dr. Edward Ellsworth, 1988. (2 copies)
  • Centennial - Faculty Papers – “Caring for Infants and Toddlers: Reflections on the Past, Directions for the Future,” Dr. Nancy Lauter-Klatell, 1988. (2 copies)
  • Centennial - Faculty Papers – “Whence the Lights and Shadows Fall: Teaching and Learning About Difference in English 101,” Dr. Marcia McClintock Folsom, 1988, (2 copies)
  • Centennial – “A Letter from the President,” Daniel S. Cheever, Jr., 1987, 1988 (4)
  • Centennial - Wheelock College, 100 Years, Dr. Elizabeth Ann Liddle, 1988
  • Centennial – “Pioneering in Early Childhood Education; Women as Radicals and Conservators - Lucy Wheelock,” Dr. Marcia McClintock Folsom, 1989

Subseries 3. Centennial Campaign

  • Centennial Campaign Brochure
  • Centennial Fund appeals, 1988-89
  • Centennial Report 1985-90, (Wheelock Bulletin Oct. 1990)
Box 3

Subseries 4. Artifacts

  • Button – Wheelock College 100 Years
  • Desk calendar
  • Napkins (3)
  • Pencil with flocked plastic birthday cake topper