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Records of the Wheelock College Library

Title: Records of the Wheelock College Library
Date: 1940 - on-going
Quantity: approximately 4.1 linear feet (5 document boxes, 2 file cabinet drawers)
Collection Number:  8


Access to the collection is unlimited.  Researchers are allowed to view all pieces of the collection.  The archive is open by appointment only.  Call the Reference Librarian at (617) 879-2222 to make an appointment. 

Requests to publish material from the collection should be submitted to the Library Director.


The collection was the donation of Wheelock alumnae, faculty, and staff.

Processing Information:
The collection was re-processed and updated by Adrienne Pruitt in 2004.  The collection was initially organized by Theresa B. Davitt and Abigail Blachly. The collection was rearranged based on archival principles.  Accession correspondence as well as inquiries into information from the archives was removed from the collection.  Acidic materials such as newsprint were photocopied onto acid-free paper and then discarded unless the original had some intrinsic value.


The following catalog entries provide controlled subject access to the collection. All these entries are searchable in the Wheelock College Library's online catalog to find materials of related interest.

  • Wheelock College - Library
  • Wheelock College - History
  • Universities and Colleges - Massachusetts
  • Teachers colleges - Massachusetts
  • Teachers college libraries - Massachusetts
  • Education libraries - Massachusetts
  • Academic libraries - Massachusetts
  • Cotter, Marie.
  • Pierce, Margaret.
  • Hoffman, Andrea C., 1949-
  • Johnson, Elvernoy.
  • Closson, William Baxter Palmer, 1848-1926.


Lucy Wheelock founded Wheelock College in 1888 to educate teachers of young children. In the early years, in the absence of library service at Wheelock, Miss Wheelock arranged for students to have access to neighboring libraries and museums. When the school was moved to 100 The Riverway in 1914, the building housed its own reference library as well as classrooms, offices, dormitories, and a dining hall. In 1943, a growing collection of books and periodicals was housed at 47 Pilgrim Road under the care of librarian Mrs. D.L. Tonseth, who was succeeded in 1944 by Miss Margaret Pierce and in 1946 by Miss Marie Cotter, who remained director until 1985. Miss Cotter supervised the library's move to its current location at 132 The Riverway in 1947.

Although hampered by postwar shortages which meant that the furniture ordered for the Library was not available for the opening, the Library set up shop on the second and third floors, sharing space with art classrooms on the first floor and administrative offices on the fourth.  The Library continued to grow, taking over the administrative space on the fourth floor in 1961. The Resource Center was established in 1967 in the Classroom Building for the development of curriculum activities.

In 1975, Wheelock College Library became a founding member of the Fenway Library Consortium. By 1979, more space was needed, and Architectural Resources Cambridge was hired to renovate 132 The Riverway. The renovation added four new mezzanine levels, nearly doubled shelving capacity and study space, and placed the 1914 Froebel Frieze, which had been in storage, over the door. The Library re-opened March 3rd, 1982. Computer resources became increasingly important in the 1980s and 1990s, as the Library converted to automated catalog systems and began to use online databases to support research, led by directors Andrea Hoffman (1985-1996) and Elvernoy (Albie) Johnson (1996 - ).

Further renovations in 1994 and 1997 increased electronic access to information, and the Library's web page was launched in April 1997.  The same year pilot programs began to offer services to off-campus programs in Bermuda and elsewhere.  The Library continues to grow and change to meet the information needs of the Wheelock community. 


Material is arranged within eight series: I. Administrative. II. Publications. III. Reports, Statistics, Studies and Focus Groups. IV. Collection Records. V. Events. VI. Fenway Library Consortium VII. Photographs. VIII. Clippings and Articles.

The Records of the Wheelock College Library include administrative papers on policies and resources, publications listing Wheelock Library services, collections, and special collections, and newsletters. Annual reports and circulation statistics detail the growth and development of the Library and document the leadership of directors from 1942 to the present. Self studies, focus group records, and collection records demonstrate collection development policies in subject areas. Brochures, slides of artist William Roger's work, and laminated folk tales and photographs of Faith Ringgold's story quilts provide information about artwork in the Library.  Additionally, photographs, clippings, and articles document the physical building, renovations, the history of the Froebel frieze, and initiatives undertaken at the Library.


Box 1
Series I: Administrative
        Subseries 1: Policies and Procedures

  • Library policies and procedures. 1977-1999
  • Collection development policy, 1997
  • Computer Center, 1984
  • Library Instruction, 1994
  • Information literacy, 2003
  • Library Building and Furniture, 1980-1996
  • Memos and Announcements, 2009-
  • Library and Information Resources, Binder 1, 2004, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 1
    • About the Library
    • Information Resources
    • Library Services
    • Research Tools
  • Library and Information Resources, Binder 2, 2004, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 1
    • Library Statistics and Reports
    • Committees, Focus Groups and Task Forces
    • Assessments and Surveys
    • Affiliations
    • Organization Charts and Staff
    • Policies and Procedures

Subseries 2: Staff

  • Academic Resources Staff Meeting Minutes, 2003
  • Johnson, Elvernoy
  • Ecsedy, Brenda
  • Library Director Search, 2008
  • Job Descriptions

Subseries 3: Reference and Instruction

  • Information Literacy, 2002-2003
  • First Year Seminar, 1999-2000
  • PRO 120/140, 2001-2004
  • Selected Resources in the Wheelock College Library Collection
    • Health Care and Children, 1997
    • Native Americans and Other Indigenous People, 1998
  • Reference Logs, 1998-2000
  • Photographs: Wheelock College Reference Room Renovations, 1996 1 of 5
  • Photographs: Wheelock College Reference Room Renovations, 1996 2 of 5
  • Photographs: Wheelock College Reference Room Renovations, 1996 3 of 5
  • Photographs: Wheelock College Reference Room Renovations, 1996 4 of 5
  • Photographs: Wheelock College Reference Room Renovations, 1996 5 of 5

Subseries 4: Resource Center

  • Library and Information Resources, Resource Center, 2004, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 1
    • About the Resource Center
    • Workshops and Special Events
    • Annual Reports
    • Surveys
    • Publications and Pictures
  • Library and Information Resources, Resource Center, 1998-2000, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2 (2 Folders)
    • Annual Reports and Statistics
    • Meeting Minutes - Focus Group, Advisory Group and Technology Group
    • Pictures and Workshop Announcements
    • Renovation
    • Publications
  • Memos and Correspondence, 1998- , File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
  • Newsletters, Flyers, Brochures, 1984- , File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
  • Annual and Semi-Annual Reports, 1992-1999, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
  • Resource Center Renovation, 2000, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
  • Photographs, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
  • Clippings and Articles, 1967-1981, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2

Subseries 5: Electronic/Access and Media Services

  • Library and Information Resources, Media Services/Computer Labs, 2004, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 1
    • Media Services
    • Computer Labs
  • Audio/Visual Relocation Plan 1997, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
    • Floor Plan
    • Timetable
    • Correspondence
    • Purchasing and Budget
  • Information Technology 2000-2001,
    • Academic Resources Technology Plan
    • IT Proposal December 2000
    • Library/Resource Center Hardware
    • Wheelock College Library Software
    • Writing and Updating Technology Plans, w/ CD-ROM

Subseries 6: Wheelock College Archives, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2

  • Wheelock College Library 2002 NEH Preservation Assistance Grant request

Box 1a

Series II: Publications
       Subseries 1: Guides, brochures, pamphlets

  • Guides and Handbooks, 1956, 1978
  • Guides and Handbooks, 1986-1987
  • Guides and Handbooks, 1988-1989
  • Guides and Handbooks, 1996/1997 -
  • Guides and Handbooks Off Campus Resources
  • User Guides to the Library, 2006-2007

Box 2

  • A Faculty Guide to the Wheelock College Library (no date)
  • Library Floor Plan, 1978, n.d.
  • Interlibrary Loan Services brochure
  • Ruth Clapp Archives Room
  • "The Froebel Gifts" brochure, 2001
  • E. A. Liddle Collection brochure, 1984
  • Altina Mead Collection of Books for Young Children-Dedication Brochure, 1988, Folder 7

Subseries 2: Newsletters

  • "A Page From the Library," 1991-1997

Subseries 3: Website

  • Wheelock Library Website, archived August 2003 [1 CD-ROM]

Series III: Reports, Statistics, Studies, and Focus Groups

  • Library Annual Reports and Statistics, 1940-1969
  • Library Annual Reports and Statistics, 1970-2002

Box 3

  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Instructions
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Sept. 1983-August 1986
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Sept. 1986-Aug. 1989
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, July 1991-Dec.1991
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Jan 1992-Dec. 1992
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Jan.1993-Dec. 1993
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Jan.1994-Dec. 1994
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Jan.1995-Dec. 1995
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Jan. 1996-Dec. 1996
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Various
  • Circulation Statistics Reports, Jan. 1997-Dec. 1997

Box 4

  • Circulation Statistics Reports, 1992/1993-1997/1998
  • Library and Information Resources Self-Study, 1994
  • Social Work Resources Study, 2000-2003
    • Social Work Holdings
    • Surveys
    • Comparative Study
    • Database Evaluation
    • Online Resources
    • Budget
    • Information Literacy
  • Children's Literature Focus Group, 1999-2000
  • Curriculum Resources Focus Group, 1997-1999

Series IV: Collection Records
       Subseries 1: Acquisitions

  • Altina Mead Memorial Collection, 1986-1996 (1 folder), File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
  • Special Topics, 1951-1992 (7 folders), File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
  • The Patricia Mauchan Collection, 1976-2005 (1 folder), File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2 and Box 6 (note: The Mauchan collection contains 16 cassette tapes, 4 reel to reel tapes, a plaque and circulating cards. For more information see collection history in File cabinet 1, Drawer 2. )

Subseries 2: Research Requests and Selected Resources

  • Off Campus Support, Bermuda Master's Program. Research Requests, 1997, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 2

Box 5

Series V: Events
       Subseries 1: Programs and Events

  • Library Dedication, 1982
  • Wheelock College Library - Haunted Library, 2008

Subseries 2: Exhibits

  • Froebel Pilgrimage Exhibit, 1988
  • Ingraham Book Exhibit, 1988
  • Wheelock's Early History Exhibit, n.d.
  • "Affirming Family Diversity: Research, Policy, Practice, Building on Strengths," n.d., photos
  • Artwork in the Library brochures
  • William Rogers - 72 slides of works by the artist whose paintings hang in the library
  • Class of 1945 gift brochure on blue vase,
  • Laminated folk tales, used for a display in honor of Faith Ringgold who received an Honorary Doctorate of Education from Wheelock in 1997

Subseries 3: Forums

  • "How Teachers and Students Can Recognize and Help to Dismantle Systems of  White Privilege and Male Privilege," 1989,

Series VI: Fenway Library Consortium

  • Fenway Library Consortium

Series VII: Photographs

  • Library photographs, 1992, 1997, Photos Removed, placed in Photo Collection, PC4. Box 13

Series VIII: Clippings and Articles
        Subseries 1:Clippings

  • Library Renovation clipping, 1979,
  • Choice, December 1991, featuring Froebel Frieze on its cover
  • Library Renovations, ca. 1997
  • History of the Froebel Frieze that appears above the Library door

Subseries 1:Papers and Articles

  • "Creating a Change: A Living Example, Instituting a Change at the Wheelock College Library," Dana F. Oltchick, 1987
  • "Bringing Law and Order into the Library: Evidence-Based Inquiry in Information Literacy Instruction at the Wheelock College Library," Esme Devault, Amanda Gluibizzi, and Ann Glannon, LOEX News 2002