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Title: Artifacts
Date: [1923?] – on-going
Quantity: approximately .75 cubic feet, 1.07 linear feet (3 oversize boxes)
Collection Number: 18



Access to the collection is unlimited. Researchers are allowed to view all pieces of the collection. The archives is open by appointment only. Call the Reference Librarian at (617) 879-2222 to make an appointment.


Requests to publish material from the collection should be submitted to the Library Director.



The collection was the donation of Wheelock faculty, staff, and alumnae.

Processing Information:

The collection was re-processed and updated by Adrienne Pruitt in 2005. The collection was initially organized by Theresa B. Davitt. The collection was rearranged based on archival principles. Accession correspondence as well as inquiries into information from the archives were removed from the collection.


The following catalog entries provide controlled subject access to the collection. All these entries are searchable in the Wheelock College Library’s online catalog to find materials of related interest.

  • Wheelock College – History.
  • Wheelock School – History.
  • Teachers colleges – Massachusetts.
  • Universities and colleges – Massachusetts.
  • Boston (Mass.) – Education.


Lucy Wheelock founded the Wheelock Kindergarten Training School in 1888 to provide education for teachers of young children. The School was incorporated as a College in 1939, and began offering graduate degrees in 1952. In 1992 the Center for International Education, Leadership, and Innovation was established, with degree-granting programs in Asia and Bermuda. Many artifacts remain to document Wheelock’s long history of growth and innovation. The Child Garden sign dates from 1923, when Miss Wheelock started the Child Garden School as a model kindergarten at Wheelock. A variety of memorabilia, including anniversary pins, commemorative tiles, mugs, ashtrays, and keychains, attest to graduates’ enthusiasm for their alma mater.

Students have occasionally been inspired to create art in honor of Wheelock. International student Hille Fabel, from Germany, sculpted a bust of “The Wheelock Girl” and a statue of a mother and child in 1950-1951, and student C.C. Sawyer painted a watercolor of the Wheelock College Library in 1995. The groundbreaking of the Lucy Wheelock Memorial Auditorium (now known as the Activities Building) took place in 1963, and the ceremonial shovels used by Laura Holmes Reed ‘10 and Sally Reeves Edmonds ’55 remain in the archives. Laura Holmes Reed was Miss Wheelock’s niece and a Wheelock employee for over thirty years, and Sally Reeves Edmonds served as president of the Alumnae Association from 1961 to 1964.

The engraved silver dish presented to Laura Holmes Reed at the dedication of the Auditorium in 1965 is also in the collection. Wheelock itself has been honored with many awards, including the first Parents Magazine Award for Education in 1998, and the 2001 award for outstanding contributions to RTRC Asia, an organization with whom Wheelock collaborates to offer degrees in Singapore through the Center for International Education, Leadership, and Innovation.

In 2000 Wheelock was recognized for its dedication to the ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr., and its sponsorship of the annual breakfast in his honor held by St. Cyprian’s Church and the Union United Methodist Church. These awards, and more, may be found in the collection.


The collection is arranged in three series: I. Memorabilia; II. Awards; III. Art.

The Artifacts collection includes memorabilia such as anniversary pins, buttons, commemorative tiles, keychains, and mugs, shovels used for groundbreaking ceremonies, awards given to the College, and artwork inspired by or donated to Wheelock.

More artifacts exist in Collection 1A. Lucy Wheelock Collection and Collection 16. Records of the Alumnae Association. Further information on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast may be found in Collection 15. All-College Events and Programs.


Series I: Memorabilia

  • 10 year pin. Box 1
  • 10 year pins. (2) Mrs. MacAdams, Mrs. Crafts, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Jeane Lafyette, Mrs. Kathryn Meyers. Given by Mrs. Walker. Box 1
  • 15 year pin Miss Ruth Wiekie. Given by Mrs. Walker. Box 1
  • 20 year pin, Mrs. Henry Plimpton. Given by Mrs. Walker. Box 1
  • 25 year pin, Miss Elizabeth Plimpton. Given by Mrs. Walker. Box 1
  • Wheelock College diversity buttons (2). Box 1
  • Ceramic tile with Wheelock College seal "Anniversary Year." Box 1
  • Photo match book with picture of Dr. Bain. Box 1
  • 1989 Spring Weekend keychain. Box 1
  • Two glass ashtrays (black) 1959-1969. Box 1
  • Wheelock paper pennant. Box 1
  • Mug, “Wheelock College 100 Years.” on cabinet
  • Shovel for ground breaking of Auditorium, 1963, Laura H. Reed. Stack 4 wall
  • Shovel for ground breaking of Auditorium, 1963, Mrs. George Edmonds. Stack 4 wall
  • Shovel for ground breaking of Campus Center and Student Residence, 2007 on cabinet
  • T-Shirt from Wheelock College Summer 2008, with image of the new CCSR building Collection 21, Box 1a
  • T-Shirt from the Half Year Program 2009 – Beyond Hip Hop on cabinet

Series II: Awards

  • Sterling silver dish presented to Laura Holmes Reed for dedication of Lucy Wheelock Auditorium, 1965. Box 2
  • Award to Wheelock College from RTRC Asia, 2001. Box 2
  • Plaque for 30th anniversary of Martin Luther King Memorial Breakfast, 2000. Box 2
  • Pewter dish from Senior Minister of State Ministry of Education, Singapore, Dr. Aline Wong “With Appreciation to Wheelock College”, n.d. Box 3
  • Glass Parents 1998 Child Care award to Wheelock College. on cabinet

Series III. Art

  • “Child Garden” sign. on cabinet
  • Bust, “A Wheelock Girl” by Hille Fabel. on cabinet
  • Mother and child statue by Hille Fabel. on cabinet
  • Painting of Wheelock College library by C.C. Sawyer, 1995, framed. on cabinet
  • “Blue Jay” Audubon print, centennial edition, framed. Stack 4 wall
  • Reproduction of “Portrait of Miss Wheelock” by Mary Hazelton, 1929. Stack 4 wall
  • Small print, signed by Lucy Wheelock, of “Portrait of Miss Wheelock” by Mary Hazelton, 1929. on cabinet