“Wheelock gave me the courage to pursue my career abroad.”

In a world where a text message can launch a movement, the next generation of leaders must be prepared to meet the challenges of our interconnected world. Wheelock students and graduates—like Caroline Hargrave, ‘MS 09—are able make a difference anywhere in the world.

While in our Child Life program, Caroline had the opportunity to study abroad. She participated in the Hospitalized Child in England program where she was able to closely observe British health care professionals and learn about international health care. "This was valuable practice for what it would be like as an outsider from another culture and country," she said.

Originally from a small town near Salem, Massachusetts, Caroline Hargrave went to live and work more than 7,000 miles away in Cape Town, South Africa where she directed a pilot child life program at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital (RCCH).

The academic foundation and the international experience she gained at Wheelock gave Caroline the knowledge and confidence to live and work in another country. "Wheelock gave me the courage to pursue my career abroad," she said.

Wheelock's curriculum emphasizes multiculturalism and intellectual engagement across societies and cultures. This approach challenges students to become critical thinkers and helps develop powerful insights into human behavior and social issues. They interact with faculty who have studied and written about other cultures, and classmates include students from other countries. In addition, renowned scholars from around the world frequently visit Wheelock to give lectures, host discussions, and share their expertise.

Studying abroad also provides students with the ability to experience other cultures and learn how other people view the world. Wheelock students have studied abroad in countries such as Australia, Bulgaria, China, France, Peru, Singapore, and Spain.

Many students have also had the opportunity to experience another country while providing services to local communities. These service learning trips allow students to learn from professionals, scholars, and advocates while addressing pressing social issues.

With these international opportunities, Wheelock graduates are comfortable traveling, living, and working anywhere in the world.

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