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Carlos M. Rodriguez '14

"I grew up in Roxbury, and I came here to learn to teach young children, to be a male role model of what is possible, to reach them early with the message that education is the right path for them."


"Wheelock students today are in some ways different from those of my generation, but their enthusiasm for the work they have chosen is contagious. I'm reminded of the excitement I felt going into my first teaching assignment when I listen to them talking about their career plans and fieldwork. Wheelock continues to do a superb job of preparing students well so that they leave well-informed and ready to do good work."
- Keena Dunn Clifford '68, Student Life Committee, Board of Trustees

Students choose Wheelock because they believe in its mission and want to dedicate their life's work to improving the lives of children and families and the communities where they live. Our students' defining attributes are intelligence, curiosity, character, integrity, a sense of fairness, and a bold commitment to activism. Such students are the heart of the Wheelock community, and the focus of all that we do.

Wheelock promises students that their educations will transform them—that they will be prepared to serve well, to be leaders in their fields and successful advocates for children and families. Eighty-two percent of our students graduate into professions that serve society. Almost all will be underpaid in proportion to the contributions they make, but they have set as their goal a higher prize. Whether they choose careers in early childhood and elementary education—as the majority do—or in social work, child life, juvenile justice, or advocacy and organizational leadership—as many do—Wheelock students graduate with the knowledge and skills to achieve their stated goals: "make a difference in a child's life," "serve my community," "contribute to society," and "change the world."

Wheelock students are idealistic and eager to serve when they graduate. Amelia Gifford '04: "We are a team of superheroes, ready to change the world around us with the ability to teach, comfort, and heal families. Stand up and let the world know how much our children matter."

It is a commitment that lasts a lifetime. Jane Luke Hill '69: "I have never separated myself from the needs of children and the improvement of educational environments. That is the finest legacy that Wheelock leaves with all of us."

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