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Charles and Irene Frail Hamm '60

"We believe the most important investment we can make in society is through education and scholarships for students who will teach in urban classrooms."


"There is a momentum at Wheelock today that inspires all of us who are involved in this Campaign. We are a small college that has an increasingly global impact. We've always been a leader, and we need to take that leadership to the next level. Our graduates will make vital, invaluable contributions to society. The College's mission is powerful, and very worthy of our support."
- Susan Bruml Simon '73, Chair of the Corporation

Wheelock's mission to serve the common good by improving the lives of children and families makes the College unique in the world of higher education. The personal commitment to work to create a better world, first made by Lucy Wheelock, has traveled down through decades and through generations of graduates to today's students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and supporters who are Wheelock's current world changers. It is a valuable and lasting legacy of deep caring that grows with each life touched by a Wheelock graduate.

The College could not do all that it does if it were not, at its heart, a strong community of dedicated individuals who make Wheelock's cause their cause, and who give to it the best they have in talent, time, and resources. It is their shared belief in the College and its mission, the value they place on the singular education Wheelock provides, and their desire to see it grow even stronger, have a wider impact, and serve more children and families that will make the Campaign for Wheelock successful.

Wheelock is fortunate to have always had generous donors who understand the true value of their contributions no matter what the dollar amounts may be. They understand the power of a community that dares to take up the challenge to change the world. And they will make it possible.

Campaign Steering Committee Members

A. Keena Dunn Clifford '68
Robert A. Lincoln
Judith Parks Anderson '62
Honorary Co-Chair
Edward H. Ladd
Honorary Co-Chair
Grace Macomber Bird Ellen Cluett Burnham '60
Patricia Cook '69 Ranch C. Kimball
Barbara G. Sallick '61 Thekla Shackelford '56
Susan Bruml Simon '73 Kate Taylor

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