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Graduates Who Make a Difference


Betty Bain Pearsall '71

"Every day, I have an impact on hundreds of children and families, applying and passing on what I learned at Wheelock."


"Our alumni are a diverse group in many ways, but the common thread I see in them again and again is their dedication to actively do their part to improve society. Whether they are teaching in schools or serving on school committees, running a service agency or volunteering at community programs where they live, they put their Wheelock values and education to work benefiting children, families, and communities, which are the heart of a healthy society. We need more Wheelock graduates out there using their skills and educations to make a difference."
- Judy Parks Anderson '62, Trustee

Math lesson: Consider that a Wheelock graduate teaches 25 children each year for a career lasting 35 to 40 years. Add the number of parents that teacher also educates each year, because that is what Wheelock graduates do. Add in the principals, other educators, and entire school systems influenced by the innovative methods and practices that Wheelock graduates contribute, because they have the knowledge. Add in the professional colleagues and everyday citizens Wheelock graduates educate about policy and educational change, because they are informed and prepared to lead.

The impact of a Wheelock-educated teacher, social worker, child life professional, youth advocate, or policy leader multiplies exponentially the moment they step into a classroom, human services agency, health care setting, or community center. Multiply that by the more than 18,000 students Wheelock has graduated, and imagine their impact on children, families, and communities in Boston, across the U.S., and wherever in the world their educations take them.

Lisa Yates '99 is just one whose innovative spirit exemplifies Wheelock graduates' desire to be world-changing leaders. Lisa started Our Sisters' School, an alternative all-girls school, in New Bedford, MA, one of the commonwealth's largest and poorest school districts, with a dropout rate of 40 percent. "Being a first-generation college student at Wheelock instilled a sense of wanting to see girls break through life barriers and to reach down to help the next young woman up."

Deborah Karmozyn '79MS is another, one of hundreds, if not thousands, of alumni whose careers have a global impact. She has served as principal or curriculum director of schools in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and at the United Nations International School in New York City. "Wheelock changed me as an educator and made me open to the chance to broaden my educational and world views."

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