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Faculty Who Lead Innovation


Kevin Kareckas '12

"I liked the professors and their way of teaching science and math so much that by the end of my first year, I wanted more and more."


"For more than 26 years, I have overseen the Cynthia Longfellow Prize in Teaching at Wheelock, in honor of my late wife. Cynthia loved teaching at Wheelock. She described her classes there as a cooperative learning community, and she was inspired by her students' earnestness, work ethic, and dedication to the public good. Wheelock is a place where an outstanding faculty takes seriously their role in transforming students' lives."
- Robert A. Lincoln, Treasurer and former Chair of the Board of Trustees

Wheelock faculty members are widely recognized in their fields of scholarship and for their research, writing, public testimony, and activism in areas as varied as linguistics, chaos theory, social justice, nonviolence, the commercialization of childhood, and fatherhood in Papua New Guinea. They are the leaders who have secured Wheelock's reputation as a place of learning, creativity, and intellectual engagement with the world. They are the creative thinkers behind Wheelock's innovative programs and core professional areas, the scholars who introduce learners in their classrooms to the best current educational theories and practices.

Our faculty have special responsibilities. They must exemplify Wheelock's values and be caring yet challenging mentors for each individual student. They must encourage students' curiosity about the world and inspire them to be critical thinkers, broadening and deepening their understanding of it. They must instill a sense of civic responsibility and prepare students to be lifelong independent learners who can continue to achieve their goals.

Wheelock faculty create the curriculum at the core of each student's education and model excellent teaching. They refine and raise the College's academic standards, and develop new courses that engage students and spark their excitement in learning. They initiate grants to fund teacher development in math and science and in urban teaching—areas vital to improving today's and tomorrow's schools—and widen access to Wheelock's resources through distance learning.

They are the innovators who will lead the College into the future.

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