WheeEngage 2015-16: A Call to Action

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    During the 2015-2016 Academic Year, the WheeEngage Initiative aims to support active engagement by the Wheelock community that more amicably and respectfully engages its constituents. This engagement includes the development of institutional policies, practices, support systems, and constructive inter-personal interactions such that students, faculty, and staff, can achieve their full potential at Wheelock College.

    The WheeEngage Initiative, led by the Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council, seeks to facilitate the continued advancement of the campus discourse and organizational development with respect to diversity, equity and social justice.

    Last year, the WheeEngage Initiative focused on gathering information to understand the experiences and perspectives of participating members of the Wheelock community. The information gathered through interviews, focus groups, observation, and a climate survey provided insights into diversity and inclusion related Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Resistance, and Equity Goals. The Kingston Bay Group (KBG) used the information gathered to develop recommendations for continued improvements on diversity, equity and inclusion at Wheelock College. The scope of the work this year will be to engage the community in dialogue, professional development opportunities, and professional coaching for interested individuals and groups.

    In addition, the Kingston Bay Group will work with the Institutional Diversity & Inclusion Council and the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer to develop a Campus Response Engagement & Wellness (CREW) team which will assist campus leaders in providing appropriate and timely responses to incidents, issues, and challenges related to diversity and inclusion on campus. The CREW will also assist in related campus community education efforts promoting a healthy campus climate and awareness of intersectional diversity, equity, social justice issues.


    If you have any questions about the WheeEngage Initiative, feel free to email the KBG WheeEngage Team

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