Who's Coming: 2016 Reunion Attendees!

Reunion Procession

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Class of 1941 - 75th Reunion

Class of 1946 - 70th Reunion

Class of 1951 - 65th Reunion

Beverly Boardman Brekke-Bailey
Louise Butts '51/'55MS
Suzanne "Sue" Post Day
Mary Rothwell Wattles

Class of 1956 - 60th Reunion

Ann Melrose Blauvelt
Nancy Griggs Razee
Ann "Tucky" Tucker Walker

Class of 1961 - 55th Reunion

Class of 1966 - 50th Reunion

Patricia "Pat" Roh Aldrich
Patricia "Pam" Miller Callard
Hope Binner Esparolini
Mary "Mitzi" Byrnes Frueauf
Susan "Sue" Leeb Fuhrer
Susan "Susie" Clark Howard '66/'75MS
Patricia "Patty" Lewars Lucy
Margery Conley Mars
Jane Martin McMackin
Constance "Connie" Muther
Nedra Michel Nobleman
Phoebe O'Mara
Katherine "Kay" Winkler Page
Susan Lodge Peck
Heather Robinson Reimann
Elizabeth "Beth" Zwirner Ruggiero
Katharine "Kandi" duPont Sanger
Sylvia Thorndike Sheriff
Natalie Palmer Stafford
Susan McKenzie Thompson
Susan Magennis Underwood
Elizabeth "Betsey" Loomis Whitney
Patricia Wild
Carole Hayes Williams

Class of 1971 - 45th Reunion

Ann Bachini Aghababian
Judith "Judy" Millstein Langer
Donna Van Stone Schmidt
Julie Parsons Stein

Class of 1976 - 40th Reunion

Nancy Marshall Alvanas
Cheryl Zalk Chandler '76/'92MS
Susan Driscoll Devlin
Gayle Griswold Goldberg
Caroline "Carol" Imbrie
Ann Laliberte '76/'80MS
Lucy Rand MacDonald '76/'85MS
Mary Jo Keany Mason '76/'91MS
Daria Lyons O'Connor
Anjo Capone Riddle
Dolores Testa
Diane Gould Thompson

Class of 1981 - 35th Reunion

Karen Gunnerfeldt Banks
Janet Zung Craddock

Class of 1986 - 30th Reunion

Class of 1991 - 25th Reunion

Class of 1996 - 20th Reunion

Amanda Cunningham
Sonya-Lee Costantino Zezza

Class of 2001 - 15th Reunion

Class of 2006 - 10th Reunion

Class of 2011 - 5th Reunion

Taylor King
Carrie LeGeyt '11/'12MS
Sarah Onofri

Non-Reunion Alumni Attending

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