Graduate Tuition and Fees

2014-2015 Tuition & Fees

On-Campus Courses
$965 per credit hour for graduate Education degree programs, certificate in Parenting Education, and course clusters
$990 per credit hour for graduate Child Life, Nonprofit Leadership, and Social Work programs

Off-Campus Courses (Wheelock@Worcester)
$775 per credit hour for graduate degree programs

Non-Matriculated Students
$990 per credit hour

Tuition Payments
Tuition payments for graduate courses are due at the time of registration. Graduate tuition is charged on a per-credit basis.

Health Insurance
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all students enrolled at least ¾ time to have health insurance. All students are automatically billed the health insurance premium each academic year. If you have other insurance coverage you may remove this charge from your account by completing a health insurance waiver online, which documents your coverage. The Student Health Insurance Plan for graduates is $4,363. Do not include the health insurance charge in your budget if you are already insured.

Audit Fees
Students wishing to audit a course pay two-thirds of the tuition.

Application Fees
Standard Program $0
International Applicants $0
Off-Campus Program $0

Enrollment Fee
For all students, a deposit of $100 is due at the time of acceptance. This fee is not refundable but is credited towards your tuition.

Registration Fees and Penalties
For all students, a $10 fee is charged for registration every semester.
Non-Matriculated students are charged a $10 registration fee when they register for one or more courses.

Late Registration Fee
All students who register after the deadline are charged a $100 late fee.

Returned Check Fee
A fee of $25 is charged to any student who submits a payment check or money order that the College's bank cannot honor due to insufficient funds or any other cause.

Tuition Vouchers

In appreciation for the learning experience provided to our practicum students, Wheelock College issues one voucher per student to each site where students have been placed to complete a practicum (3-6 credits). Vouchers may be used only by persons employed by the site and cannot be transferred to persons outside the school system. Vouchers may only be used by persons able to demonstrate current employment at the practicum site to which the voucher was issued. The voucher must be signed by a member of the administrative staff to validate it for registration, and when you present vouchers for course registration you should be prepared to show proof of employment. Students will be responsible for payment of the $10 registration fee and general fee per credit.

Vouchers are valid for one calendar year immediately following the semester in which the Wheelock College student was placed at the practicum site with no extensions. No more than one voucher may be used per semester by any individual. Individuals enrolled in a Wheelock degree program may apply vouchers toward up to half the credits required for the degree. Individuals not enrolled in a degree program may use vouchers for up to four graduate courses.

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