Applying for Graduate Studies

Required Materials for Certificate and Course Cluster Candidates

These programs are intended for domestic students or international students who reside permanently in the United States due to professional requirements. However, international students may apply for a certificate program with permission. For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at

Students who wish to enter a Course Cluster or Certificate program are asked to submit an abridged version of our application requirements for masters degree candidates. If you have questions about this process please let us know.

  1. Application Form - Students applying to Wheelock's main Boston campus are asked to submit the on-campus online application. Students applying for off-campus programs are asked to submit the off-campus online application.

    An application fee is not required. Certain sections of the application will remain blank based upon the requirements for admission. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability. If we require additional information we will contact you directly.

  2. Academic Records (transcripts) - Students applying for admission to a graduate program at Wheelock College must hold a Baccalaureate Degree from an accredited institution. Degree-seeking applicants must present official transcripts from each junior college, college, and university (including Wheelock College, if applicable) at which the applicant was granted a degree.

    Applicants should contact the Registrar of each school attended, requesting that an official transcript be sent either to the student or to the Office of Graduate Admissions directly. If the student chooses to submit the transcripts, they must be sent in their original sealed envelopes. Any applicant still taking courses or completing a program at the time of application may be eligible for conditional acceptance and must submit a follow-up transcript showing final grades and degree subsequently obtained. Additional transcripts regarding transferred course work may be requested at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

  3. (Certificate Only) Statement of Purpose - Please submit a 1-2 page narrative describing why you would like to attend Wheelock College as a graduate student. Your essay should include information on which program you would like to pursue, how you became interested in this field of work, and why you feel Wheelock College, with its mission to improve the lives of children and families, would be the ideal place for you to continue your education. Please describe how the program you are applying to will help to enhance your professional work.

  4. Letters of Reference - One letter of reference is required.

    This letter must arrive in unopened envelopes with the evaluator's signature across the flap. While a student's recommender may draft a letter on his or her own letterhead we do require that the Reference Form be submitted as well with the student's signature as well as the recommender's information. Please make sure that information regarding the confidentiality of the letter is appropriately marked on this form.

    a. Course Clusters: This letter should be written by your principal or department head.

    b. Certificates: This letter should be from a professor who instructed you in your most recent degree program or your immediate supervisor.

    Download the Reference Form

  5. (Course Clusters Only) Copy of Initial Licensure - Students applying for a masters degree program which will allow them to be eligible for professional licensure must submit copies of their initial licensure documentation.

  6. Resume - Work experience and career progression are important and will be considered by the Admissions Committee. Resumes should be submitted in a professional format and include: contact information, educational background, work experience, and skills.

All applications materials once submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions become the property of Wheelock College. Incomplete applications as well as applications for students who have been admitted and do not register or who have been denied will be kept on file for one year from the time of application or admission decision. After this period they will be destroyed.

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