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Effective February 14, 2010, lenders of private education loans are required to collect a completed and signed Self-Certification Form prior to disbursing the loan proceeds. Individual lenders are implementing their own procedures to comply with this new regulation, so you should contact your lender directly if you have specific questions about the process for submitting this form.

If you do not submit a completed and signed Self-Certification Form to your lender, your loan will not be disbursed.

What Information is Required on the Self-Certification Form?

To complete the Self-Certification Form, you will need to provide your demographic information as well as information about your total cost of attendance and estimated financial assistance.

Cost of Attendance

The total cost of a Wheelock College education includes direct expenses for which you are billed, such as tuition, fees, and charges for room and board, as well as estimates and allowances for indirect expenses such as books, supplies, transportation, and incidental and personal expenses.

The Wheelock Financial Aid Office uses this comprehensive cost figure when processing applications for financial aid and educational loans to ensure that a realistic and reasonable allowance is made for all expenses.

For the 2012-2013 academic year, you may estimate your total cost of attendance based on the following figures:


$920 per credit

Registration Fee

$10 per semester

Single Room


Double Room


Optional Health Insurance



Estimated Financial Assistance

Financial aid applicants should refer to their award notification letter to obtain this information. Non-aid applicants should include any other loans that have been received and/or any outside scholarship or tuition benefits.

*Note: When reporting your estimated financial assistance on the Self-Certification Form, do not include the amount of the loan for which you are completing the form.

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