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TuitionPay Payment Plan
Alternative Loans (Note: this link redirects you to our Loans page.)

We encourage all students to consider using their maximum Federal Stafford loan eligibility prior to seeking any alternative loan as alternative loans are typically more expensive then Stafford Loans and there are many benefits associated with the Stafford loan program.

When financial aid does not meet the full annual expense of your Wheelock College program you may wish to pursue some form of alternative financing.  Below are some financing options that can help facilitate paying for your Wheelock College education.  A number of factors are important to consider when making decisions about educational financing.  Interest rates, fees, length of repayment period, total cost of financing, and quality of customer service should all be carefully weighed. 

Wheelock College Graduate students can choose to borrow through a Federal Loan program or to use a non-federal credit-based program, or to break out their payments evenly over several months using our TuitionPay payment plan or any combination thereof.  We encourage you to evaluate your situation and determine which features—low monthly payments, low cost of financing, flexible credit criteria, etc.—are most important to you, and to select a program that works best for you relative to those features. 

To help guide you through the student loan process we have provided you with a link to a useful website where you can get valuable information about loans, including many types of loan calculators and checklists.  We have also provided a direct link to a repayment calculator to help you estimate what your monthly payments might look like once you are in repayment. 


Lenders of private education loans are required to collect a completed and signed Self-Certification Form prior to disbursing the loan proceeds. Individual lenders are implementing their own procedures to comply with this new regulation, so you should contact your lender directly if you have specific questions about the process for submitting this form.  Learn more about the Self-Certification process.

TuitionPay Payment Plan

The Wheelock College monthly payment plan, via the TuitionPay service, offers students a means of budgeting annual college costs with, or without, borrowing. Education expenses for the year are paid to TuitionPay in monthly installments, beginning June 1. There are no interest or finance charges. The only cost is a modest annual or per semester application fee depending on length of contract.  Because there are no interest charges, the total cost is significantly lower than you would incur with a loan.

For further information or to apply:
TuitionPay/Sallie Mae Corporation
PO Box 816
Swansea, MA 02777
508-235-2800 from outside the U.S.

Alternative Student Loans

Please review our Alternative Student Loan options chart [pdf] for more information and details about how to apply.

There are a variety of banks and private lenders who offer alternative loans for financing education costs for graduate students.  Wheelock has a formal process to review the alternative student loan offerings of most of the major lenders. Based on this review, we have chosen for our chart the lenders who offer borrower benefits, reliability, electronic delivery of loan proceeds, as well as superior customer service. Be assured that Wheelock receives no benefits, financial or otherwise, from the lenders on our preferred lender list.

Lenders offer private loan programs with different rates, fees, repayment terms, and approval requirements. We suggest that you carefully review each program to compare the terms and conditions before deciding which alternative loan may be appropriate for your needs. The lenders listed are those most utilized at Wheelock. Links are provided to the various lender websites. The application process is completed directly through the lender websites linked below.  All alternative loan information is accurate as of 08/19/2013.

You are under no obligation to borrow from one of these lenders. If you would like to borrow from a lender that is not on this list, you can simply select the lender of your choice and apply directly with that lender.  You and the lender will be responsible for getting your loan information including a certification request and the loan funds to us.

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