Mathematics and Science

Why Math/science?

  • Challenge yourself with interesting and difficult problems
  • Develop your intellectual and creative capacities
  • Prepare to make a difference by teaching high-need subject areas

Why Wheelock?

  • Program developed for future K-6 math and science teachers and human service professionals
  • Faculty committed to modeling excellent teaching
  • Engaging, interactive curriculum that encourages curiosity and collaboration

Wheelock student with young childrenThe Mathematics and Science major offers you an opportunity to gain a deep appreciation for some of humanity's greatest achievements and to participate more fully in the world around you. You'll improve your capacity to solve problems, to justify your reasoning, and to communicate that reasoning to others. You will have opportunities for field trips, internships, leadership, research, and community service that enhance the classroom experience.

For future teachers, the major also offers excellent preparation in specialized mathematical knowledge for teaching and in inquiry-based teaching methods in both math and science.

Program Options

You may choose from several focus areas.

  • Mathematics for Teaching and Science for Teaching will prepare you to become an effective and innovative teacher of early childhood or elementary children.
  • Mathematics, Human Biology, Environmental Science, and Physical Science enable to you to delve more deeply into a particular subject. You may also study Sustainability with courses at Wheelock and through the Colleges of the Fenway consortium.

Mathematics and Science is an arts and sciences major that may be combined with a professional major in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy, or Social Work. Math/Science is also available as a minor. In addition, you may choose Math/Science for your undergraduate major as part of Wheelock's dual degree program leading to a master's in Child Life.

Sample Courses

  • Algebra and Number Theory
  • Animal Behavior
  • History of Mathematics
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Natural Disasters
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Scientific Inquiry and the Natural World

Skills You'll Learn

  • Confident and creative problem solving
  • Constructing sound mathematical and scientific arguments
  • Applying math and science to everyday life
  • Integrating cutting-edge technologies
  • Speaking and writing about math and science

Potential Careers

  • Elementary teacher
  • Early childhood educator
  • Teacher leader
  • Public health professional

Graduate Study

This major prepares you to study mathematics  education or science education at the graduate level.

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