Service Learning and Study Abroad Programs

Proud Partner of GSA!Service learning and exposure to a variety of cultures is an integral part of a Wheelock education, beginning right from our students' first year on campus. The College is proud to offer opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in a variety of service learning opportunities, ranging from working in urban Boston classrooms through the Jumpstart program to traveling within the United States and around the world to practice community building in the context of a different culture.

Wheelock students are also encouraged to enhance their educational experience by studying abroad for a semester or during the summer break. Our counselors work closely with students to find study abroad opportunities that fit their interests, their pocketbook, and their academic schedule.

Service Learning Trips

Wheelock hosts trips to a variety of international and domestic locations during the school year. On these trips, students are immersed in the local culture as they perform community service projects. Past trips to New Orleans, Guatemala, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Singapore, and Ghana/Benin have been wildly popular. Students have returned from the trips inspired and excited about the integration of learning and service.


MARCH 2015 (Spring Break)

• Barbados: Global Inclusion and Social Development
Led by Prof. Felicity Crawford, Special Education, and Prof. Wendy Williams, Social Work
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• Northern Ireland: How Early Childhood Programs Can Help Children Affected by Violence Heal
Led by Prof. Diane Levin, Early Childhood Education
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• Cape Verde and Ghana: West African History, Culture, & Spirituality
Led by Professors Joyce Hope Scott and Daniel Owusu, American Studies
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• Guatemala: Leadership Through Athletics (for Student-Athletes)
Led by Dwight Datcher, Athletics Director, and Prof. William Rodriguez, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy

• South Africa: History, Culture and Human Services
Led by Prof. Lenette Azzi-Lessing, Social Work
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• Turkey: A Tale of Two Cities
Led by Professors Marjorie Hall and Edmund Campos
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• Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark): Comparative Social and Government Models
Led by Professor Irwin Nesoff, Leadership and Policy
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• Belize: Jungles and Jaguar Gods: Exploring the Maya Environment
Led by Professors Lisa Lobel and Akeia Bernard
Date: May 2015
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Study Abroad

Through our affiliation with the Colleges of the Fenway, Wheelock provides our students with many opportunities to study abroad for a semester. Trips take place throughout the academic year and during summer break. And studying abroad may be more affordable than you think. Scholarships are available and students can apply their existing Wheelock financial aid package to their trip cost. (See a list of current scholarship opportunities.)

Wheelock students have studied in Florence, Italy; Hawaii; Dublin, Ireland; Sydney and Newcastle, Australia; and many more locations.

Start your journey to study abroad with these simple steps:

Steps to Study Abroad

1. Explore Study Abroad Options. 

There are many international opportunities available to you, including a traditional full semester abroad, summer abroad, short-term international service learning and travel-learn trips, and international internships.  Consider what you hope to gain from your international experience and narrow down which opportunity is best for you!  Currently, for full semester and summer abroad, we work closely with two providers: CISabroad and AIFS but there are many other programs available.  For more information on these programs, or other opportunities available to you, please contact the Center for International Programs and Partnerships at

2. Meet with your Academic Advisor.

Inform your academic advisor you are interested in studying abroad. He or she will determine where an international opportunity may fit in your academic map, and help you identify which degree requirements may be fulfilled abroad.

3. Meet with your Study Abroad Advisor.

Once you have met with your academic advisor and determined which semester you will be able to study abroad, contact CIPP's study abroad office at to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor.  Your study abroad advisors will help you explore program options based on your academic and personal goals, and inform you of important program, passport, and visa deadlines. They will guide you through the application process, travel preparation and direct you to pre-departure and re-entry resources. If a traditional semester abroad does not fit into your schedule, the study abroad advisors are available to help you explore other international opportunities!

4. Plan your Finances.

Once you have narrowed down your program options, research and budget for your semester abroad. Include travel, tuition & fees, accommodations, insurance, food, and supplies. Federal and state financial aid CAN be used if the credits you earn will be applied towards your degree. Federal work-study funds cannot be used for study abroad. Check with the Office of Financial Aid to see what, if any, parts of your financial aid package can be used in your study abroad program.  Some study abroad programs also offer their own scholarships. Inquire with the program directly to see how and when to apply for these resources, as deadlines often differ from program to program.

5. Submit Applications.

To study abroad for a full semester or summer, there are TWO applications.  The first is Wheelock's Study Abroad Application, which can be completed here.  The deadline for Summer & Fall 2015 is March 15th, 2015.  The application deadline for Spring 2016 is October 15th, 2015.  Applicants are encouraged to begin the advising and application process one year to six months in a advance.  

As part of the Wheelock application process you will be given a Study Abroad Course request form from your study abroad advisor. This form must be completed as early as possible in order to ensure the courses you intend to take abroad are pre-approved by your academic advisor. 

The second application, is the direct program application which will be found on the provider's website.  It is to be completed after your Wheelock Study Abroad application has been submitted and approved.  Applications often require official transcripts, passport photos, letters of recommendation, and disciplinary and academic clearance.  Students are encouraged to begin their applications early as these steps can take several weeks.   Program application deadlines vary, and students are responsible for submitting all required materials on time.

6. Prepare for your Trip.

Congratulations on your acceptance!

You're almost there! You've reviewed and completed your applications, gained approval for the courses you intend to take, applied for a passport and now is the time prepare for travel!

Please be sure that you have reviewed your provider acceptance packet carefully, as this will have included important information about potential visa requirements and next steps regarding your program.  If you have not already, please read the Learning Content found in your studioabroad application.  This will inform you of important general health, safety and travel information.  For more country specific information and travel alerts, please visit and search by country.  Additionally, the Colleges of the Fenway GEO Center hosts a pre-departure orientation each semester, please look out for your invitation, and plan to attend.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to meet, please email

Learn more at the Colleges of the Fenway's Geo Center website.

Jumpstart at Wheelock

Through the Jumpstart program, Wheelock students work with preschoolers from a low-income background for 10-12 hours a week over the course of a full year. Nearly a quarter of Wheelock's entering class participates in Jumpstart as part of their required field-placement, positively affecting the lives of local children in underserved populations while making connections between theories learned in the classroom and child behaviors in the community.

Learn more about Jumpstart at Wheelock.

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