Wheelock College Standards for Teachers

At Wheelock we know what it means to teach, and to teach well. The knowledge and experience gained in our long history is reflected in the Wheelock College Standards for Teachers. The standards contain a particular focus on social justice, which sets ours apart from the state and other professional standards. We collectively believe that the purpose of education is not to replicate the status quo, but rather to question it so that we develop citizens who will participate in improving living conditions for all people. The standards, created by the faculty in the School of Education and Child Life, are woven into the education curriculum, and are used to help students develop their philosophy of education.

Standard 1: Advocacy for Social Justice

Standard 2: Understanding all children in their many dimensions

Standard 3: Knowledge of content and integrated curriculum

Standard 4: Educational practices that foster learning, development, and achievement in all of the nation's children

Standard 5: Assessment in a multi-racial, multicultural democracy

Standard 6: Reflective practice in diverse settings

Standard 7: Family, community, and professional partnerships in a diverse society

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