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Wheelock College now offers the Master of Science in Educational Studies: Achieving Excellence in Teaching Math and Science (STEM) in an online degree format. STEM careers are among the nation's fastest-growing fields. Research indicates that young people's interest and engagement in STEM grows when early childhood and elementary teachers are confident and competent in their understanding of these fields and how to teach them most effectively.

A Graduate Degree for the Future—Delivered Online

This Master of Science in Educational Studies offers an approach to teaching STEM that emphasizes not only the teaching of science and math, but how children's cognitive development and their racial and cultural identities affect learning. The program also stresses the relationship between you, as a teacher-practitioner, and how research—yours and that of others—informs practice.

This 30-credit degree program offers elementary school teachers the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree in STEM education while teaching. Courses are offered online with no requirement to travel to campus, enabling teachers to continue their education at a place and time convenient for them.

The 10-course STEM education master's degree program can be completed in as little as 20 months. Courses are offered in convenient eight-week sessions. The online delivery method offers flexibility within a structured weekly class environment, allowing for focused, rigorous discussions and an emphasis on class participation. See the Curriculum web page for full details, including course descriptions and tuition information.

Our program provides educators the knowledge and confidence to inspire a new generation of students in the growing fields of mathematics and science.

The Wheelock Advantage: An Emphasis on Content AND Pedagogy

Wheelock's STEM degree program emphasizes both content and pedagogical knowledge. Our courses feature rigorous assignments that will strengthen your math and science content knowledge and offer connections to classroom applications for diverse learners. The courses emphasize collaborative and interactive projects, the use of virtual and physical models, active exploration, demonstrations, and experiments. Our STEM master's degree program helps current teachers inspire and engage their students in math and science.

The math courses will help teachers master concepts important for teaching elementary school mathematics in the areas of numbers and operations, patterns, functions, algebra, geometry and measurement, data, statistics, and probability and how to teach these concepts more effectively.

The science courses will help teachers master concepts important for teaching elementary school science in the areas of physical and life science and to teach these concepts more effectively in the elementary school.

In addition, courses in cognitive development, racial and cultural identity and research bridge the relationship between your professional practice and current research.

Wheelock's STEM master's degree program aligns with Wheelock's commitment to civic engagement and social justice. We offer a perspective on education that is academically rigorous and mindful of the increasing diversity of today's students.

Nationally Recognized in STEM Education

Wheelock College is particularly committed to STEM education, as evidenced by a NASA-funded STEM Teacher Enhancement Project (STEP), which was designed to significantly improve math and science instruction among elementary school teachers. Courses developed for the STEM education graduate degree program were funded from this initiative.

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit an online application, an essay, a resume, academic transcripts, and three letters of reference. Wheelock may also request an interview.

Online Learning Technology

At Wheelock, we strive to make your online experience as seamless as possible. All of our online education courses use state-of-the-art online learning technology, which means you will have a consistent format in each of the classes you take. In your account, you will have access to everything you need, including your course syllabus, staff information, discussion boards, and information about how to access Wheelock support services (including financial aid, writing help, academic advising, disability services, and access to our extensive library—physically and online).

Financial Aid

For many students, graduate study is a significant financial investment. Financial aid is available for our online programs. Visit Wheelock's Financial Aid web pages to learn how to afford a Wheelock education.

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May 5, 2014

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