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Wheelock College offers  prep sessions to support the efforts of our students as they prepare to pass the MTEL exams. The sessions are free to current Wheelock students. They are also available to non-Wheelock students for a small fee.

Guide to MTEL Prep Courses

We understand how confusing it can be to determine which prep course(s) you should take, so we created the following guide to help you. It explains which course you should take to prepare for each MTEL.

Once you determine which MTEL prep course(s) you wish to take, please make a note of the course number(s).

Current Wheelock students can search for and register for available prep courses in the student portal.

Non-Wheelock students should register using the forms on the MTEL Prep Registration web page.

See the currently available MTEL Prep Courses on the MTEL Prep Registration Web Page.


ACD 300/500*** MTEL Strategies: Plan, Prepare, Pass Helps students prepare for a range of required MTEL exams. This session will include a review and introduction to test taking strategies and help students to craft an individualized MTEL plan.
ACD 306/506 MTEL preparation - Early Childhood Education review Early Childhood (02)
ACD 315/515: Reading & Writing
ACD 313/513: Writing Subtest Only
ACD 314/514: Reading Subtest Only
MTEL Preparation: Communication and Literacy Skills Test Communication and Literacy Skills (01): reading and writing subtests
ACD 316/516: All  Gen Curriculum: Multi Subject Sessions

ACD 330/530 Life Science
ACD 332/532 Physical Science
ACD 331/531 Earth and Space Science
ACD 333/533 US & Massachusetts History
ACD 334/534 World History/Geography
ACD 335/535 English Language Arts: Literature
ACD 336/536 English Language Arts: Structure & Writing Process
MTEL Prep: Gen Curriculum: Multi- Subject Subtest General Curriculum (03): multi-subject subtest
ACD 317/517
Students should enroll in this course based on the recommendation of instructor and performance in the math sequence. Otherwise students should enroll in ACD 318/518.
MTEL Prep: Gen Curriculum:
Mathematics Subtest
General Curriculum (03): mathematics subtest
ACD 318/518
This course has two formats:
A 7 session series;
A three session face-to-face series/hybrid format that is the equivalent of 7 sessions
MTEL Prep: Gen Curriculum:
Mathematics Subtest
General Curriculum (03): mathematics subtest
ACD 507*** MTEL Preparation-Reading Specialist Subject Review Reading Specialist (08)
EDU 335/RDG 535*** Reading Theory and Practice Foundations of Reading (90)
MLE 540*** MTEL Prep: ESL English as a Second Language (54)

* All courses are 0 credits.
** The numbers listed in parentheses correspond to the MTEL test code.
*** This course is not open to the public; only current Wheelock students and recent alumni.

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