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Wheelock's Center for International Programs and Partnerships (formerly the Center for International Education, Leadership, and Innovation) is celebrating over 20 years of involvement in international education with the publication of a commemorative report that highlights the college's accomplishments in Singapore and across the globe. The report is titled "Singapore and Beyond: Inspiring a World of Good Through International Education."

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Wheelock College currently has more than 2,500 graduates in Singapore.

Said President Jackie Jenkins-Scott, "I believe I speak for many in feeling both grateful and fortunate to be among the ever-expanding Wheelock community during this momentous time, and I invite readers of this 20th Anniversary publication to become part of a truly remarkable journey."

Current Program Offerings in Singapore

New Program offered in collaboration with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Offered in collaboration with Ngee Polytechnic and SEED Institute 

  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Educational Studies and Leadership, 2007-Present

Offered in Collaboration with SEED Institute

Previous Programs offered in Singapore

For more information about programs in Singapore, email cipp@wheelock.edu.

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