Graduate Certificates

Wheelock College offers a variety of graduate certificate programs to support the continued success of professionals along their career path. Entry to our certificate programs does not require a master's degree or an initial license, with the exception of the Certificate in Teaching Reading. However, several of our certificates are specifically designed to help licensed teachers develop a special area of expertise and/or advance their initial license to professional status.

Students may enroll in any of our certificate programs during any semester, but should discuss the best timing to begin with a faculty member before enrolling.

Certificates that Can Advance Initial Teaching Licensure

Wheelock offers six Massachusetts state-approved, 12-credit certificates that are designed for teachers who already hold a bachelor's or master's degree and an initial teaching license. These certificates are designed to be used to move an initial license in early childhood education, elementary education, special education, moderate disabilities, or English as a Second Language to professional status when all other state requirements are met. They also benefit teachers who seek professional development in a specific area, regardless of whether or not they need to advance an initial license. (Please Note: These certificates do not lead to a new initial license without a practicum or additional MTELS. Please consult a Wheelock faculty member for further details.)

Certificate in Advancing Mathematics Content Knowledge in Grades 1-6 (12 credits)
Builds on and goes beyond mathematics subject area knowledge required for approval of programs leading to an initial teacher license.
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Certificate in Advancing Science Content Knowledge in Grades 1-6 (12 credits)
Builds on and goes beyond the physical and life science subject area knowledge required for approval of programs leading to an initial teacher license.
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Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder (12 credits)
Designed for teachers, social workers, and others who work with children and families, this program provides a foundation for understanding autism spectrum disorders, including the history, current criteria, as well as how the autism diagnosis is made and how it affects individuals and their families.
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Certificate in Special Education (12 credits)
Develops expertise in teaching children with exceptional learning needs in diverse settings.
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Certificate in Teaching English Language Learners (12 credits)
Develops expertise in working with English-language learners in mainstream or sheltered English immersion classrooms for grades preK-6.
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Certificate in Teaching Reading (12 credits)
Develops expertise in teaching reading to culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. This program is most appropriate for teachers in urban schools or who work with multicultural populations in grades preK-6.
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Additional Specialized Certificates

Wheelock's certificate programs are designed for professionals who want to gain new knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately to their work. The programs, which comprise 4 courses each, allow professionals to earn graduate level certification in only one year. In addition, credits earned in these programs may be applied to several of Wheelock's master's degree programs. Our programs were designed in direct response to needs identified by various professions, our students, and our local community.

Certificate in Early Childhood Mental Health (12 credits)
This program enables master's level social workers and other mental health professionals to develop expertise in early childhood development, psycho-social risk and resilience, and in providing mental health services to young children (age 0-6 years) and their families and consultation to early care and education providers.
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Certificate in Social Work in Integrated Healthcare (12 credits)
This program prepares social workers to work within the healthcare field in a variety of social work roles. It combines theoretical approaches with hands-on skills to prepare social workers to provide integrated healthcare experiences for patients and their families.
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Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership (12 credits)
Recent research indicates that within the next five to 10 years, more than half of current nonprofit leaders will retire and their organizations are not involved in succession planning or training of the next generation of leaders. This is also true of higher education, where we will be seeing a generational shift in leadership. As these shifts are approaching, more opportunities will be opening up for people interested in taking on leadership positions and responsibilities in these institutions. In this program, students will gain skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to advance in nonprofit and higher education management and leadership.
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Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership for MSW Students (12 credits)
Open to students enrolled in Wheelock's Master of Social Work program and professionals who already have an MSW, this program provides the additional knowledge and skills needed to take on leadership positions in a variety of settings. The four courses in this program can also fulfill some of the requirements for Wheelock's full MSW degree.
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Certificate in Parenting Education (12 credits)
Increasingly, parenting education is being recognized as an appropriate strategy for supporting parents and parents-to-be, and as a foundation for raising healthy children and families. There is a high demand for knowledgeable, skilled professionals in this developing field. In this program, professionals who work with families in supportive, educational and therapeutic capacities will gain knowledge of the issues and concerns of parents, and of how to respond to these concerns; gain an understanding of how adults grow and develop and of the developmental stages of parenting; and gain the skills needed to work more effectively with parents individually and in groups.
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Certificate in Military Counseling (50 continuing education credits - no graduate credit available)
Veterans are returning to our communities with unique experiences and needs. This certificate program will prepare post-baccalaureate graduates to establish relationships with veterans and their family members in a culturally sensitive manner.
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