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Meet the Staff
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Meet the Staff

Paul AkouryPaul N. Akoury, Ph.D.

Paul Akoury joined Wheelock in 2013, with professional experiences in public policy, research and program development, clinical supervision, and classroom teaching. Since then, Paul has spearheaded the effort to define the strategic direction of field education at the College. He leads with enthusiasm and vision, establishing strong alignment with academic programs to ensure best policies and practices in field education. Paul has a Ph.D. and M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College, and an Ed.M. in the Arts in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Elizabeth Degnan headshotElizabeth Degnan
Assistant Director

Elizabeth Degnan earned a B.A. in psychology from the University of Denver and a M.A. in counseling psychology from Boston College. She is a licensed school counselor in the state of Massachusetts, grades PreK-12, and began her career at Cristo Rey Boston High School where she served for nearly a decade as Director of Counseling & Wellness and then as Principal. Joining Wheelock in 2016, Elizabeth looks forward to utilizing her experience working with diverse students within the Boston community to move the College forward in our commitment to urban settings and educational equity.

Barbara PierreBarbara Pierre
Field Education Specialist

Barbara Pierre holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from Framingham State University and a M.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Salem State University. Barbara's journey through higher education has included enrollment management, undergraduate and graduate admissions recruitment, academic advising, and urban extension and outreach. She holds a strong passion for the persistence and success of all students, especially those that are underrepresented. Barbara joined the Wheelock community in November 2015 as the Site Coordinator to the Mattahunt-Wheelock Partnership, which was a beautiful introduction to the impact of Wheelock's mission of social justice in the City of Boston. Now in her role as Field Education Specialist, Barbara enthusiastically looks ahead to days of supporting students of Wheelock to inspire a world of good through their field education experiences.


Making/Canceling Appointments

Students are expected to make an appointment with a member of the Office of Field Education staff the semester prior to entering a field placement. Appointments usually last 20-30 minutes and are scheduled through MyWheelock by logging in with your email username and password and clicking the Appointments link to search the availability of our calendar.

All appointments must be scheduled online at least 24 hours in advance.

We recognize that students may need to occasionally cancel/reschedule appointments.  It is expected that you cancel your appointment on MyWheelock at least 24 hours in advance. If you don't cancel your appointment online and don't show-up you will be noted as a "no-show."

Communicating with the Office of Field Education

Email is the official method of communicating at Wheelock College. The Wheelock College Student Email Policy requires students to activate and utilize their Wheelock email accounts. The Policy was developed to set standards for communications between the College and its students, to ensure that all students have access to pertinent College information, and to ensure that administration, faculty, and staff of the College have a standardized method and a timely process for communications with students.

It is the student's responsibility to read College email communications on a regular basis and to take action in a timely manner, whenever appropriate (Student Handbook). Due to privacy regulations, the Office of Field Education will only communicate with students through Wheelock College email accounts and the preferred communication method is in-person.

Email Etiquette

  • Always use your Wheelock email account.
  • Always include a subject line such as "Question about my placement" in each email.
  • Write in the email address last to avoid accidentally sending an unfinished email.
  • Include a greeting like "Dear Dr. Smith" or "Good Morning Erin" at the beginning.
  • Identify who you are by including your full name in your email signature.
  • Double check spelling and grammar.
  • Do not include emoticons, slang, or text speak.
  • Allow 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday) for a response

Wheelock College Honor Code

It is the expectation of the College that all Wheelock College students will conduct themselves as good and respectful citizens, in accordance with the policies governing the College community. Any and all forms of dishonesty, including, but not limited to plagiarism, cheating, furnishing false information, forgery and altering or misusing documents are unacceptable. All students must comply with the Academic Honor Code at all times while they are enrolled at the College in order to create a fair academic environment for all. In disciplinary matters, students are expected to be honest and fully disclosing of the whole truth. Any attempt to deceive, withhold information, or obstruct the investigation or process of justice will be regarded as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct (For details, see the Student Handbook).

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