Wade Taylor

Wheelock College Social Work Faculty Member Wade TaylorAssistant Professor of Social Work
Email: wtaylor@wheelock.edu
Office: ACW 305C

Educational Degrees

Boston College, Graduate School of Social Work, Ph.D.
Baylor University, School of Social Work, M.S.W./M.DIV
Indiana State University, B.S.

My teaching philosophy is guided by three major ideas:

(1) a democratic education provides a platform for students pro-actively to think and address critically the complex psychosocial concerns in individuals, families and the larger society;

(2) the strengths perspective can guide students to engage their prospective clients, discover and assess assets and resources to address psychosocial concerns, intervene in achieve individual client health goals, and evaluate the client-centered intervention to optimize health-related targets; and

(3) social work as vocation helps students and teachers to integrate who they are with what they do both personally and professionally.

My general research and teaching interests are: 1) practice-based social work research with gay and bisexual families; 2) developing, implementing and evaluating novel primary and secondary HIV-prevention interventions; and 3) multidisciplinary collaborations on diverse approaches to disseminate knowledge on decreasing health disparities and increasing health profiles in underserved, at-risk populations.

I am currently an Associate Research Scientist and faculty Member at The Fenway Institute, an interdisciplinary center in Boston, MA, for research, training, education and policy development, focusing on national and international health issues in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and those affected by HIV/AIDS. I am also a behavioral health clinician on primary and secondary HIV prevention research studies.

Selected Publications

  • Taylor, S. W., Mayer, K., Elsesser, S., Mimiaga, M., O'Cleirigh, C., & Safren, S. (2013). Packaging PrEP: Determining the Optimal Content in a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) Prescription / Counseling Package. AIDS & Behavior.
  • Mimiaga, M. J., Closson, E. F., Safren, S. A., Mabude, Z., Mosery, N., Taylor, S. W., Perez-Brumer, A., Matthews, L. T., Psaros, C., Grelotti, D. J., Bangsberg, D. R., & Smit, J. A. (2013). Inkwari: An emerging high-risk venue potentiating HIV spread among adolescents and young adults in a hyper-endemic South African setting. Archives of Sexual Behavior.
  • Taylor, S. W., Safren, S. A., Mayer, K. H., & O'Cleirigh, C. (2013). Characteristics of HIV-infected men who have sex with men (MSM) who engage in highly risky behavior: Establishing a context for novel risk reduction interventions. Psychology, Health and Medicine. Published ahead of print: 16 Jan 2013 [DOI:10.1080/13548506.2012.756537]
  • Taylor, S. W., & Mahoney, K. J. (2012). Being gay at a Jesuit University. Conversations, 41, 44-47.
  • Taylor, S. W. (2006). This could get messy. In T. L. Scales & B. Hugen (Eds.), Thinking like a social worker: Decision cases for generalist practice (pp. 75 - 82). Monterey, CA: Brooks/Cole, an imprint of Wadsworth.
  • Schobert, F. M., & Taylor, S. W. (2002). Buddhism. In J. Ponzett, (Ed.), International encyclopedia of marriage and the family. New York: Macmillian.
  • Balani, L., & Taylor, S. W. (2002). Hinduism. In J. Ponzett, (Ed.), International encyclopedia of marriage and the family. New York: Macmillian.

Selected Presentations

  • Taylor, S. W., Safren, S. A., Mayer, K. H., & O'Cleirigh, C. (2013). Pilot outcomes for a CBT-based intervention to address sexual risk and engagement in care among HIV-infected African-American men who have sex with men. Society of Behavioral Medicine 34th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions.
  • Taylor, S. W., Safren, S., Elsesser, S., Mimiaga, M., & Mayer, K. (2012). Enhancing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence in men who have sex with men: Determining optimal content for a PrEP adherence package. Presented at the 7th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence, Miami, FL.
  • Taylor, S. W., O'Cleirigh, C., Mayer, K. H., & Safren, S. S. (2011). Identifying psychosocial and sexual characteristics of HIV-infected gay and bisexual men who engage in very risky behavior: Establishing a context for novel risk reduction interventions. Presented at Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), Tampa, FL.
  • Taylor, S. W., & O'Cleirigh, C. (2011). Developing a novel secondary intervention for high-risk gay and bisexual men. Presented at the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA.
  • Taylor, S. W., & Mahoney, K. (2010). Implementing a LGBTQ resource center: A case study of Georgetown University. Presented at LGBT Resiliency: From Trauma to Policy, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA.
  • Taylor, S. W. (2008). Queering social work education: Developing a critical model for a changing curriculum. Presented at Annual Program Meeting, Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Philadelphia, PA.

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