Lisa Lobel

Wheelock Mathematics/Science Faculty Member Lisa LobelAssistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 617-879-1327
Office: Activities West, 202

Educational Degrees

BA 1990 (Psychobiology) University of California, Santa Cruz
MA 1997 (Marine Biology) Boston University
PhD 2005 (Environmental Biology) University of Massachusetts, Boston

Lisa Kerr Lobel is an assistant professor in the Department of Math and Science. She is also director of the Colleges of the Fenway Center for Sustainability and the Environment.

At Wheelock. she teaches Marine Biology, Human Biology, Discovering Planet Earth and The Physical Universe. Since 2013, she has been teaching "Special Topics: Neotropical Ecology, Culture, and Service in Belize" (with Ellen Faszewski). This course provides a service learning component with students conducting STEM activities in a local school while simultaneously learning about tropical ecology, conservation and environmental issues. Within her courses, Dr. Lobel promotes enthusiasm and excitement for science with the ultimate goals of; 1) increasing science literacy in order to provide background knowledge and generate interest in environmental and scientific issues, and 2) to emphasize that citizen concern and action can result in far-reaching environmental improvements.

As a marine and environmental biologist, Dr. Lobel's primary research interests focus on impacts of human induced changes in aquatic environments. Specifically, she is interested in understanding contaminant effects on development, reproduction and growth in aquatic organisms and how these can be used as indicators of environmental health. Her current research projects focus on marine conservation and include documenting patterns of diversity in the unique ecological region offshore of Belize. She is also a scuba instructor and active in the scientific diving community.

Selected Publications

2011 Lobel, LK. Toxic caviar: Using fish embryos to monitor contaminant impacts. In: Pollock NW, ed. Diving for Science. Proceedings of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences 30th Symposium. Dauphin Island, AL: AAUS; 2011. pp 33-39.

2011 Lobel, P., Lobel, L. Endemic marine fishes of Belize: evidence of isolation in a unique ecological region. In: Palomares, M.L.D., Pauly, D. (eds.), Too Precious to Drill: the Marine Biodiversity of Belize, pp. 48-51. Fisheries Centre Research Reports 19(6). Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia [ISSN 1198-6727].

2009 Kerr Lobel, L., Lobel P.S. Contaminants in fishes from Johnston Atoll. Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium. Pp 1123-1128.

2008 Lobel P.S., Kerr Lobel L. Aspects of the Biology and Geology of Johnston and Wake Atolls, Pacific Ocean. Chapter 17 in Coral Reefs of the USA, Series: Coral Reefs of the World , Vol. 1 Riegl, Bernhard M.; Dodge, Richard E. (Eds.) 2008,. 806pp.

2002 Kerr Lobel L., Davis E.A. Immunohistochemical detection of polychlorinated biphenyls in field collected damselfish (Abudefduf sordidus; Pomacentridae) embryos and larvae. Environmental Pollution 120(3):529-532.

1999 Kerr L.M., Lobel P.S., Ingoglia J.M. Evaluation of a reporter gene system biomarker for detecting contamination in tropical marine sediments. Biological Bulletin 197:303-306.

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