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Early Childhood Education Department

Early Childhood Education Faculty Members

Donna McKibbens, Associate Dean of Education
Cheryl Render Brown
Janet Cronin-Nicholson
Catherine Donahue
David Fernie
Ellie Friedland
Deborah Keefe
Diane Levin
Satu Mehta
Romana Mohiuddin
Karen Murphy
Amy Phillips-Losso
Barbara (Bobbi) Rosenquest
Susan Shainker

The first few years of life are crucial to developing a child's identity, learning, communication and problem-solving skills. As an early childhood professional, you will help young children develop curiosity, awareness of social interaction, and communication through music, art, reading, and other activities and forms of media.

Wheelock students are passionate about opening the world of learning to young children. They love working with families and learning about different cultures, languages, and ways of raising children. Studying Early Childhood Education at Wheelock prepares students to teach young children from birth through eight years of age in either public schools (grades kindergarten through second), private schools, and/or early care and education settings, such as infant/toddler centers and family day care homes, preschools, Head Start, children's museums, publishing firms, and resource and referral agencies.  If you are already an early childhood practitioner, our programs at the undergraduate and graduate level will help you to advance your understanding, skills, and professional standing.

At Wheelock, we combine educational philosophy and theory with hands-on experience and practical skills. You will learn how children develop and learn; how to address racism, sexism, and bias of all types affecting young children and their families; how to address the individual needs of every child; and how to build exciting and meaningful curriculum based on children's development and growth.

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